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A Fool's Journey - Chapter Two

Posted 03-07-2011 at 09:10 PM by Dani
After his mother sent him off to get some food for lunch, Kazuki jogged along to the kitchen on the first floor of the manor. As he was about to turn into the kitchen he bumped into one of his older half siblings. Jin was his name, and he towered over the lad. Kazuki backed away a few paces but was grabbed by the shoulder by his elder brother. The man's grip felt like it could just crush his shoulder to a bloody pulp and the boy tried to escape from his grip.

"L-let me go!" Kazuki cried.

"MMmmmnnnope," the man tightened his grip a bit, causing his victim to wince from the pain, "Man, why does father bother with you? You're clearly a runt. You don't even care about the family business either."

As true as it was Kazuki grit his teeth and glared at Jin. The boy didn't care about all his training to become an assassin. All he wanted was to travel to America, after all.

Jin sighed and shook his head, shoving his little half brother to the wood floor and turning away from the teen, "Disgustingly pathetic. Whatever, I have better things to do then mess with hopeless children."

Kazuki watched Jin's retreating form, sticking his tongue out at him before hopping back up onto his feet and making his way into the kitchen. He swiped a bowl of meat buns which he assumed were really meant to be offered at the local shrine. The Gods can get their fill on food later. He grabbed a gourd filled with water and headed to where his mother was waiting for him.


Outside the sun was shining bright and the weather was simply beautiful. Kazuki took in a deep breath, the serene atmosphere seemed to have made him forget his trouble. Mother's garden was beautiful, as it always was during Spring and Summer. However, she was waiting for him a bit further away from here... Where a lot more sakura trees reside which had been planted way back by his ancestors. Being careful not to drop a single meatbun and avoid tripping, Kazuki continued on wards to where a great gathering of in bloom sakura were. A breath taking sight it was... Now just where was mother? The lad called out to her once, then twice... But no answer. Was she not yet already here? ... Perhaps father called for her?

Probably just isn't here yet, is the conclusion the teen came to. He figured he would find a nice spot to relax at in the meantime until his English lessons began. As he began to walk again something caught his foot and down he went. Meatbuns were scattered all over the ground and the gourd surprisingly didn't pop open. Kazuki was bummed out though, what with his food not ending up in his stomach or being offered to the Gods as they were originally intended for. As he reached for the gourd he noticed a still form next to it. ... A leg? He didn't want to, but his curiosity got the best of him. He looked to the body and felt a lump grow in his throat as shock and despair began to overcome him.

Of all possibilities that day, he was face to face with his dying mother. Her breaths were shallow, and seemed like she wouldn't last much longer... In her chest was a dagger lodged there. Though Kazuki couldn't see much of the blade he could see hints of a wolf insignia on the blade. Kazuki dropped everything and went to his mother's side, tears welling up in his eyes which he didn't even realize were apparent. The youth had no idea what to do... "M... Mother..." he nearly choked, "Who could have... W-why..."

".. Ka... zuki...." the woman smiled weakly and reached up to gently caress his face. Her hand was shaky, unsteady... "... Cheer up... You won't get anywhere with such a sad expression..."

Kazuki placed his hands over his mother's hand on his cheek. The tears were flowing and his throat was aching, "... B-but... You're..."

His mother let out a hoarse breath and said to her son weakly, "Everything will okay... There's nothing... To worry about..."


"It will all be... okay... My belo..ved..."

Kazuki felt the feeling in his mother's hand fade as her words did with it. His hands dropped to his sides as his mother's hand lay in front of him. His eyes widened from the shock and he tried to mouth the words, but nothing would come out. He wanted to call out to his mom but nothing. When he felt completely hopeless he felt a warm touch upon his forehead, like a kiss. He slowly lifted his head and saw a beautiful faded blue light ascend into the sky above. His gaze was glued to where he had seen the light in the sky, til he heard a familiar male voice from behind him.

"... Oh wow," it was Jin, and though a bit shocked was smirking as stupidly smug as he tended to whenever he was up for tormenting Kazuki, "... You're in deep shit, murderer."

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