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A Fool's Journey - Chapter One

Posted 03-07-2011 at 02:41 PM by Dani
April 23rd, 1925

It was a beautiful spring day in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The sakura were in full bloom; a breath taking sight for all who saw. On the far countryside of the area, not far from a cliff over the ocean waves below was a large manor. People often stay clear of this place, rumours flying around that the people are cursed by the very tengu who roam the mountains of their beloved country. Others say they are monsters, perhaps even kappa who wish to devour all human children! Whatever the townspeople say, that is not the case... For the most part.

A young teen who had turned fourteen to what felt like half a year ago to him was laying around in his futon. The boy with a messy head of semi-long black hair was happily dozing away, when he was rudely interrupted by loud, obnoxious banging on the door. With a groan he pulled his blanket over his head and stuffed his head into his pillow. After what felt like an eternity the banging finally stopped, but only to be followed up by the door being slid open and the loud stomping of someone waltzing into his room. Next thing he knew was that someone jumped right on top of him, rolling all over him and just being as god damn annoying as possible!

"Wake up! Wake up you dumb brother!" a girl's voice barked at him. The girl even went as far as reaching under the covers and pinching the boy by the cheeks! "Kazuki~!"

The teen, Kazuki, pushed the girl away and threw the covers to the side. He rubbed at his cheeks and whined, "Ow! That hurt, Manami!" The pair of black wings on his back almost flared out in disapproval but he managed to hold them back.

Manami giggled happily. Her features were very similar to her brothers, almost to the point it seemed like they were twins. Her neatly cropped bangs were cut just above her bright, sunset eyes. Her hair was black, much like her brother's, and like him she had a pair of pointed, drooping ears. Like her brother she also had a pair of black wings, almost like a bat's. Behind her a slender, black tail like a devil's swayed side to side.

"Geez...." Kazuki scratched at his bedhead and stood up, scratching at his left side as he trotted over to where a yukata was laying in a messy mound on the floor, his tail dragging on the floor behind him. It was clearly clean, but someone was just too lazy to put it away properly. He pulled it on, half asleep as he struggled to do up the beige obi. Once he finally succeeded he straightened out his sleeves and walked on over to the mirror in the room. Messy black hair just above his shoulders... Sleepy sunset eyes... Black and dark grey lined yukata... Yep, normal.

Manami pouted and suggested, "Hey, shouldn't you at least fix your hair?" the girl got up and walked on over to her brother's side. Contrasting with his attire she was wearing a light pink yukata with a black obi, elegantly decorated with white blossoms and petals. She reached over to him and began to fix his hair herself, "You're so hopeless, Kazu-chan."

"Oy oy oy oy! It's fine, really!" the boy squirmed to escape from her clutches but was failing rather miserably.

"No it's not. You look like you just danced with the tengu over on Mount Fuji!" Manami retorted.

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do NOT!"

"Do TOO!"

The siblings glared a each other for a good few seconds before Manami ruffled the boy's hair and dashed out the room, "Breakfast is ready! Hurry up before everyone eats it all before you!"

Kazuki's bright eyes widened in shock at the sudden revelation. How could he have forgotten breakfast!? He dashed out of his bedroom and sprinted through the long hallway barefoot. The polished wood flooring was cold under his feet and he felt almost as though there were more sliding doors in this hall then he last remembered. He finally reached the stairs and hurried down them, jumping down the last four steps in every set. Down more winding hallways he went, each decorated with fine paintings relating to his ancestors of the Kagamiya ninja clan. The wallpaper was as beautiful as always, the sakura insignia seemed almost real as he took his attention away from where he was going to admire the lovely artistic work.

Kazuki finally made it to the dining room and quickly took his place next to Manami at the table, who was already eating away at a bowl of rice. In his spot a meal was already set up; miso soup, rice, pickled turnip, rolled sweet omelette... The teen had only just realized how hungry he was. He clapped his hands together and said "Thanks for the food!" before digging into his omelette. All around him dozens of other people with the same ears, wings, tails and some of the older males with tails were sitting at various other tables. A lot bore white hair, or a mix of white and black hair.

Manami laughed and pointed to Kazuki with her chopsticks, "Look at you go... You're such a pig."

"Less talk... more eat," Kazuki said in between mouthfuls of food.

A woman with olive skin and dark, luscious hair that went down to her mid back was sipping at a mug of green tea. Her deep brown eyes looked almost scarlet, and her overall appearance was reminiscent of the rich Spanish culture over in Europe, "Manami, hun... Let your brother eat in peace."

"But Mamaaaaa..." Manami whined as she looked from her mother to her brother, "... It's like his stomach knows no end..."

Their mother smiled as she set the mug down, "That's just a sign that he'll grow up to be big and strong. Just like your father!"

Next to her was a man who resembled the twins some more, chomping on rice. He looked up from his bowl, "Just like what about me?" The man looked to be in his mid thirties, and had the same sunset eyes as his kids. Unlike them however his hair was white, almost more like a silvery blue colour, and on his head a large pair of horns rested.

"Apparently Kazuki will grow up to be as strong as you, Papa," Manami sipped a bit of soup.

"If he continues to eat as he does and stops being so lazy, he will," the man laughed, and nearly choked on some rice. His wife looked to him worriedly but he pounded a fist on his chest and assured them, "I'm okay!"

Kazuki sighed as he stared down at his food, "O-oy... I'm just really hungry, okay?" he chuckled a bit, but was slightly annoyed by his family's harmless jabs at his appetite.

"Yeah!" his father downed a large gulp of green tea and slammed the mug down on the table, "Oh and be less sheepish, son. You're one of the many heirs to family headship! Lift your head and look more proud, boy!"

"Y-yes... Father," Kazuki slowly nodded before returning to eat his food. Truth is, he didn't care much at all about family headship, the family business... All that crap. He just wanted to live a simple, normal life and hopefully make his way to America one day and get out of this hole.

The family continued to eat their breakfast, idle chatter here and there. Kazuki eventually finished and made his way back to his room to sleep some more before his mother caught him and placed her hands on his shoulders from behind.

"Kazuki," she chimed, "It's time for your violin lessons. Now turn that frown upside down and let's head to the music room."

With a turn on his heel he faced his mother and nodded, a smile of anticipation growing on his face. Violin lessons were always his favourite time of the day. The pair walked down the corridor, making their way to their destination after passing a lot of other family members along the way.


"Yes.. Just like that. Straighten your back a bit, loosen your shoulders. You're too tense, Kazuki."

Kazuki did as he was told and continued to play the score his mother had been teaching him to play for the past few days. Besides the irregular tempo that quickened and slowed from time to time it was easy enough to play.

The lesson went on as it usually did. He'd practice his music levels first, brush up on notes he had trouble getting and then play a song. His mother gave him useful tips and told him what he could do to improve. By the end of the lesson though the teen asked him mom to play the piano. He sat in a simple wooden chair as his mom played next to him. The melody filled the room, clearing the boy's thoughts yet also making him yearn more for his dreams of abroad. To become a renowned violinist... To get out of Nihon and go to the United States of America... The elders may call him foolish, but it was a land of opportunity! Just hearing the stories his mother and many of his older siblings made him yearn for it!

His mother finished up the song and turned to her son, "It's time for your English lessons now. Since today is such a beautiful day let's do them out where the sakura are blooming... Oh, and pick up some meat buns for us to munch on!" she smiled as she pat him lovingly on the head.

"Okay, mom," the teen smiled happily as he walked out the room, his mother taking another route to go outside.


The beginning story of a series of many stories/RPs I've written over the past while. It's nice to see stupid, slow and childish Kai/Kazuki as.. Well, a kid. Okay he's a early teen but he's still considered a kid, considering how long his lifespan is lol. Hopefully this gives some background info to those interested in said rps/stories about Kai and his life before embarking on the journey that shaped him into what he becomes.

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