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Alive - A ggftw writing challenge story

Posted 10-25-2010 at 12:52 AM by Dani
Updated 11-07-2010 at 11:57 AM by Dani
She took in a single, deep breath.

The air is dry and dusty. She felt as though she nearly choked on the air and quickly pulled her gas mask back on. The air is tainted by the toxins of humanity. The toxins which destroyed their world. She grasped her chest and fell to her knees, immediately regretting trying to breathe in the air just as she had before. Once she was finally able to regain herself, she got back on her feet and made her way back to the small colonies which remained of her race. Each of them dirty, covered from head to toe and adorned with robes... It was very depressing, to say in the least. Everyone had their own gas mask and goggles to protect their lungs and their eyes from the now tarnished air.

Kanaete Kagamiya didn't know what to think of it all. Just one hundred years ago everything was fine. Her brother was doing great with the love of his life, leading their family to prosperity and towards a new direction in the family business rather then the assassinations they had always been proficient in since even before the great Sengoku era in Japan, the time when they shone behind the scenes the most. She had befriended some great people in a large mix-up which took everyone down to Utgard and as tough as it may have been, everyone prevailed. Up untill about a few years ago, everything had been fine.

Why did the humans do it? Why didn't we try to stop them? Are we nothing more then spectators? What do we do now?

"Yo, Kana," her brother, Kai, gave his twin sister a quick nod as she approached him and the other cubi clan leaders. His face had splotches of dirt, oil and much to his dismay his hair was greasy. His physical condition wasn't all that different from everyone else's, due to the lack in resources now. His hair was no longer as long as it would've been. Cropped short so it wouldn't get in the way as much, he looked very different from how he'd always looked in the past. "You don't look so good... You shouldn't over exert yourself. We all need as much energy as we can muster if we want to live through this."

Kana smiled weakly beneath her mask. Kai tended to worry about her a lot more as of late. She suspected it was because he didn't want to lose anymore family. A lot of their fellow kinsmen had died in the human nuclear war a few years ago, "I'm fine... Just a bit tired, is all..."

"Which is why you should go lay down," He nagged, "There's some clean water in my tent in a canteen. Feel free to drink some in case you're thirsty.. Just don't chug it all," he chuckled a bit, "Water is scarce, after all."

Kana nodded slowly and slowly moved her gaze to the other clan leaders. Pedro Romero, Francis Valentino, and a few she didn't recognize... Ludo was with them too, and waved a bit at her. Perhaps they were made leaders on whim because the old ones were killed? Whatever the case, she turned on her heels and started making her way to her brother's tent.


The water was really refreshing. Kana didn't even realize how thirsty she was 'til she took in a small sip of water before swallowing a few more gulps. She was also sure not to breathe in anymore air without the gas mask accidently as she took it off just to drink the water. In the tent were various belongings scattered about; an old ancestral katana handed down from Kagamiya head throughout the generations, for some odd reason old bottles of coca cola which had been emptied god knows how long ago, an old photo album which her brother forbade anyone from touching besides a select few... and many other things which could be called junk, but seemed to be more like mementos of sorts from people he had known, or maybe just of the old world in general.

She sat down on the old, dusty sleeping bag after sealing the canteen and setting it back in it's rightful spot. She then laid back on the sleeping back and took in one more deep breathe much like her last one not too long ago, but with her gas mask intact. How long were things going to be like this? How long was the cubi race going to live like mere scavengers until things... Turn up for the better?

But they were all alive now. They were lucky to still have their lives. They should be thankful for that, in the very least. Everyone did their best to help out, and to avoid getting depressed. Maybe it was the thought that they were alive that kept them going.

Whatever it was, atleast it kept everyone going. Everyone's bright and cheery demeanour really shone through the now bleak and empty wasteland that stretched from as far as the eye could see.

She had to do her best, too.

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