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Lullaby - a ggftw writing challenge story

Posted 08-12-2010 at 01:28 AM by Dani
Updated 11-07-2010 at 11:58 AM by Dani

Why did it end up like this?

Akaiito Kagamiya was sitting on his bed in his room over at the cubi stronghold in Asgard- the island of Ceres. He rubbed his temples anxiously with his hands and let out a irritated sigh. It had been around twenty years now since the great migration from Midgard to Utgard and Asgard... Twenty years of being in charge of his race as a whole. It was exhausting work, and each day drained him to the point that as soon as the sun set he'd just collapse on his bed for a good seven hours before being called to do more work in a new day.

He laid back on the bed and stretched his arms out. A desperate wish to go back in time one hundred years earlier resounded in his mind. Back then things were a lot simpler... A lot more enjoyable...

Before the destruction of Midgard... Life was far more enjoyable.

Loneliness then decided to try and take over. Kai turned on his side and slowly closed his eyes. I never wanted this... And yet I just had to step up and be the hero. I just had to bring the remaining families together and then become the Savior of my race... I must be some kind of f*cking masochist... Dammit... Well... Ludo did always say maso was the way to go back then...

Reality began to melt away as dreams decided to take over. The frustrations, anxieties and worries disappeared as the tranquil images flashed in his mind. With them memories came; the fun-filled days of when he was just the head of his family, to when each day was something to look forward to. One of his hands clutched the sheets on the bed.


Kai really didn't understand it at all. The man had been dead for decades now, and he still couldn't bring himself... to really let him go. The same had happened with another lover of his named Vanessa, but for the most part he's moved on... Which then brings up another question.

Why am I so damn clingy? Am I that desperate to love?... To be loved?... I hate this... Why the hell am I being like an angsty teenager now?... I'm f*cking two hundred and fourteen now... God dammit it all...

Ah, the bitterness which had taken over his once cheery personality. The frustrations from earlier came crashing back. Back to reality.

He opened his eyes a bit and reached into his shirt. He drew his hand back with a silver chain and a cross. The metal was somewhat aged, but Kai did his best to take care of it. Another sigh escaped from him as he stared down at the chain. He rolled back onto his back. An old song resonated in his mind.. a song which Josh had sung for him,

"...It's silent in the early morning, the only sound is my breathing..." He began to sing in a hushed tone to himself...

"As I lay awake not knowing where it will be I'm going...
but I know, time moves slow at 12:59, I sing lullaby...
and if you want me to sing you a song, I know that theres a 12:59 lullaby tonight..."

As he sung the end of the verse, he covered his eyes with his left arm. Had his eyes started to well up there, or he was just sick of looking at the silver cross or the ceiling, he didn't know.

"... God, I'm tired."

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