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Before the Curtain Falls - ggftw writing challenge story

Posted 07-08-2010 at 11:23 PM by Dani
Updated 11-07-2010 at 11:58 AM by Dani
Before the Curtain Falls

The land was pelted by the fury of the mid-spring storms. On the outskirts of Chokma, the demon capital, the trees rustled in the wind as the wind tore through the air. Lightning flashed over the horizon of mountains in the distant east, and thunder let out its furious roars. It being midnight, it was difficult to see what was in front of one's self and only those who were mad would travel in this kind of weather.

Nearing the capital was a lone carriage; it's passenger a lone sprite slave who had been sent from his original post to the head of the family he served. His head hung low, his black bangs overshadowing his sapphire, yet sleepy looking eyes. He had been travelling for a few days without much rest and was exhausted from the travelling. His stomach rumbled a bit... Add hunger to that list. He let out a yawn and leaned back in his seat. As bumpy as the ride was, he could at least try to get some sleep... His eyelids fluttered a bit, and came to a close.

Meanwhile, just outside, an incubus with silver hair and sunset coloured eyes was dashing through the storm. The rain was beating down on him, but it didn't slow him down in the slightest. With agile movements and mind set on only one goal, he moves in on his target. Now not too far behind the carriage carrying the unsuspecting sprite, he threw a knife at one of the wheels. The wheel didn't stand a chance as it was destroyed and the carriage came crashing down. The horses pulling it were pulled back by the sudden stopping of it and fell back. The man who had been driving the carriage was sent rolling out of his seat. The man panicked, thinking that they were being attacked by bandits. He didn't waste a single second to save his own hide...

Meanwhile, in the carriage, the sprite was tossed around from the sudden crash. He kicked open the door and crawled out, rubbing his head. He found himself looking at the feet of someone who he didn't know. He slowly looked up. It was an incubus... and a tall one at that. His silver hair was quite visible even in a night as dark as this. The poor slave was a bit dumbfounded... Was this man going to kill him? Maybe it's for the best, considering his shitty life as a slave.

"... Er..." the sprite began, "Are you... going to kill me?"

The incubus let out a laugh, "Nah, I'm here to free you! Oh, and also take your place."

The sprite was now even more confused then he had been. Why would a demon such as an incubus want to be a slave? "... So where are you going to take me, sir?"

"The sprite stronghold!?" The sprite was surprised.

He nodded, "Well, first you're going to spend the night at my place, then you'll be sent to Elendia. Come on... By the way, what's your name?"

"... Ekim," the sprite answered.

Ekim stood up as the demon lead him through the night. The only thing heard now was the pattering of rain and the cries of thunder in the distance...


"Who is it? What business do you have here?" a sprite had answered the door shortly after someone had knocked. It was nearly three A.M in the morning.. what sane person who be knocking at this hour? The sprite himself was feeling pretty beat.

'Ekim' held out a letter to the sprite, "My name is Ekim. I was sent here from the Yuuki estate. Surely you received a message that I would be coming."

The sprite took the letter, "... This has the Yuuki family crest on it...! Come in!"

'Ekim', who was really the incubus from earlier, had been lead inside of the manor. The place stunk of someone who was rolling in piles of money, he thought to himself. He quickly looked around at the expensive decor and the like. Even the door looked incredibly expensive.

"I will go inform the master of your arrival then. Please wait a few minutes," the sprite said.

Ekim pulled back the hood of the black cloak he was wearing and waited patiently. The incubus had perfectly mimicked the original Ekim's appearance... right down to his height and physique. He felt a bit odd though... Normally in his true form he stood at six foot two. Now, he's merely five foot seven. He figured that he'd quickly adjust to it in the time he would be spending here.

The sprite slave had went upstairs and stood infront of the door to the master bedroom. he lightly knocked on the door, "Master, are you still awake?"

From the other side of the door, a stern voice resounded, "Yes. What is it that you came here for, Derf?"

Derf replied, "The new slave sent from your parents' estate has arrived."

A rustling of papers could be heard from the room, then the sound of someone sifting through clothing. In less then a minute, the Master of the manor had emerged from his room. Standing at five foot eleven and clad in a military uniform, the air of a great general was given off by him. His dirty blonde hair was neatly tied up in a braid which reached down to his mid back. His golden eyes shone with pride and authority. The two went downstairs back to where Ekim was. Along the way Derf had given the Master the letter and begun to read it.

"... So my parents sent you here, Ekim," the Master said as he scanned the incubus disguised as a sprite, "As you may already know, my name is Makoto Yuuki, and you will be serving me from this day on. Do I make myself clear?"

Ekim nodded, not taking his eyes off his new 'Master'.

Makoto flashed a smile. Truth was, he requested this specific sprite from his parents. He had his eye on the sprite since his younger brother, Grandison's, last birthday party. Quite a handsome sprite, he had thought to himself at the time. He was sure to use his... 'services' to their full extent. He wished the sprite had arrived sooner (since it was two months ago that he first requested him). Well... It's better then never, he thought.

The demon Master turned on his heel, "Show him to the butler's quarters... Be sure to get plenty of rest, Ekim. You have a lot of work to attend to, tomorrow."
"U... Understood," Ekim just barely managed to reply. Why did he go through the trouble of greeting him anyways? He looked over at Derf, who seemed a bit perplexed by his Master's actions, but otherwise disregarded it.
That said and done, the rest of the night seemed to last forever as the rain battered against the rooftop.
First day on the infiltration mission... Ekim thought to himself, I doubt it'll be that rough. He buttoned up his shirt and began to tie up his carvat, I'm out of here as soon as I get my answers... If this guy is an idiot, it should only take a month... Not even that.

He slipped on the black frock. For a slave's uniform, it sure was... ornate. The Yuuki family must be rolling in piles of money... Or they just want their 'furniture' to look moderately nice... If you could even call this moderate. Ekim ran his fingers through his hair to get rid of any obvious tangles or knots in his hair then slipped on a pair of white gloves and made his way out of the butler's quarters. Derf was waiting for him so he could introduce the new slave to the rest of the sprite slaves, as well as a bit of a tour of the manor.

Yeah, Makoto Yuuki definitely did reek of money. The rich bastard.

Once that was finished, the real workload came into play.

"Ekim, set up the dining table!"
"Clean those plates! Scrub harder!"

"Bring this bananago cheesecake to Miss Miaka this instant!"

There wasn't much of a grace period between order after order... Hopefully this would be a bit less intense in about a week or so... Maybe they were just being hard on him since he was new and they wanted to see if he could actually... work. Regardless, Ekim performed his tasks flawlessly and quickly. It was more work then he got when he served Ludo, but it was easier. If it was always like this it would be easy enough to adjust.

The day flew by and Ekim let out a relieved sigh as he saw the sunset's deep scarlet pour through a window in the drawing room. He felt pretty beat since he didn't get very much sleep the previous night. He swore to himself that as soon as he returned to his bed in the butler's quarters that he would just collapse onto it and instantly slip into his blissful dreams.

He swept the floor in the drawing room almost soundlessly. One could probably hear a pin drop, even over the swishes of the broom against the wood flooring. His ears perked up a bit when he could hear the telltale sound of... boots clomping closer and closer. The door opened behind him and was greeted by none other then the Master of the house himself.

"Good evening, Master Yuuki..." Ekim bowed.

"Good evening," Makoto replied, "How was your first day?"

Ekim said exhaustively, "Tiring..."

"Ah, I see," Makoto slowly nodded, "You will get used to it in time."

Ekim slowly nodded. It felt kind of... awkward to talk to the Master. Is he expecting something from him other then the typical slave work?

Something doesn't seem right...

"Well... Um..." Ekim stammered a bit, "I told Derf I would go assist him with something," he bowed, "Please excuse me, Master Yuuki."

Ekim quickly left the room with the broom. He didn't look back on the Master... All he wanted to do was escape that awkward moment.

He had to hurry and get the information he wanted. If he screws up then he may not have another chance... And he wanted to do it before Makoto Yuuki wanted whatever it was he wanted from him.

Truly, a crucial moment in Akaiito Kagamiya's final mission.

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