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Cardfight!! Vanguard ( Part1)

Posted 01-08-2011 at 12:12 PM by Crimsonred
Updated 01-08-2011 at 12:14 PM by Crimsonred

Basically a new TCG, the main highlight being that it's created by the guys who made Duel Masters and Yu Gi Oh.
After watching the first episode, I found its rules quite interesting but simple, as it is targeted towards younger kids.
The cardgame is basically about summoning creatures to attack the opponent and win the game.( it's always the same)
The unique thing is that the playing field is composed of a deck zone,drop zone(Graveyard) and 6 summoning zones 3 on the top and 3 at the bottom.
The ones at the top attack and the ones at the bottom are the rear-army, they increase the power of the frontal attacker directly in front of it.
Rules :
1. Choose 1 grade zero card and place on the middle front part of your zone.( This is your vanguard, its basically something of the general of your creatures)
2.Shuffle your deck( The anime kinda messed up the sequence here)
3.Draw 5 cards
4. First player starts and draws a card at start of turn
5.Then he can either do or both
a."Ride" a creature that has a grade greater by 1 of current vanguard
b.summon a creature that has less or equal grade to your vanguard ( If you summon a frontal attacker, you can summon a rear army for it)
6.He can attack ( Not on first turn though)
7a.When attacking, the rear guard can increase the power of the creature in front of it with its own power
7b.At the same time, he draws a card from the top of his deck to check for a "drive trigger"(More on this later) If it is not a drive trigger he can just add it to his hand
7c.The player being attacked can choose to use a creature in his hand to weaken the opponent's attack power
8.The player with less power loses and takes one damage by adding a card from the top of his deck into the damage zone.In the case of an draw, both players take damage. (Player with 6 damage loses)
9.Player 2 starts (Go to 4 again)
That's pretty much it, and as I can't find a card picture to explain further, that's it.( At least until new rules pop up, it always happens )

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