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Trading Card games Part1 boring rulez

Posted 09-20-2010 at 06:20 AM by Crimsonred
Updated 09-20-2010 at 06:33 AM by Crimsonred
Okay this is my first blog so forgive my mistakes.
First off, i will be dedicating my blogs to card games e.g. Duel Masters, Yu Gi Oh, Battle Spirits etc.
I will not be dong stuff like pokemon, digimon, wwe etc.( will never play those )
First of my list is Duel Masters.
This game is very similiar to magic the gathering and is derived from it as well, but they are still different.
My fravourite TCG would be duel masters, but sadly it is no longer marketed in english.
So if you wanna play this, use japanese cards!
To play this game, you need a deck of 40 cards
and that's it ( yep, no calculator or dices are needed, just use rock paper scissors to decied who goes 1st )
then you take 5 cards from your deck and place it face down on the field, this will be your shields, in which breaking all shields and attacking 1 more time will win you the game.
simple, no?
Oh and you start with 5 cards in your hand (2nd player draws first)
Well here's the harder rules, to summon creatures you need mana which are cards placed below the shield zone.
Every turn you can draw a card from your deck and also put 1 card from your hand into the mana zone, which is called charging a card.
Now look at this card

Notice the number at the top left corner?
It means the cost needed to summon this creature, and that you need 6 mana.
Another thing you would need to keep track of is the civilisation of the card, in other words, its colour. as this card is a yellow card, your would need at least one yellow card in your mana to summon this guy.( spells are the same cept they go to the graveyard after you use them)
Now we move on to power, this is the number at the bottom left corner of the card (6000).
Common sense would tell you that the higher powered creature would win so no need to elaborate.
We now move on to attacking, so if you summoned a creature this turn you cannot attack immediately, as freshly summoned creatures have summoning sickness and can only attack on their next turn.
you attack by tapping a card( think defense mode in yu gi oh) and you can chose to attack another tapped creature or your opponent shields.
After attacking, you will leave your creature tapped till the start of your next turn, where you can untap all your creatures.
Finally you end your turn so your opponent starts and the loop continues until one victor emerges.
To get a better understanding, go to to play a flash tutorial.
Next time, i'll explain about the various strategies and then it will be Yu Gi Oh next.

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