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Big Updates (Alpha I), Some Resources, and Fanfiction!

Posted 01-18-2009 at 10:04 PM by Solemn
This past week sure has been busy for most of us because of finals. I was able to put aside some time to make updates to a lot of things. Here we go!

ConcertoGate's customization is far from complete, but feel free to feast your eyes on the Alpha I phase! I pieced together a blog design based on green, a profile picture, and a signature. HolyAbyssal drew the godly avatar. (<3) There is still a lot to be done, so expect more to come!

Concerto Gate is still pretty far from being released, evidently, so continue submitting Seer Event entries! If you are an obsessive-compulsive planner, get to work with [URL=""]Kris's Stats Calculator[/URL]. I'm in the process of revamping my "Collection" guide, so expect that done before February.

[URL=""]Here[/URL] is some semi-tolerable fanfiction I wrote last month if you are really yearning to sink your teeth into some Fanburg insight. Click the spoiler that follows to read the first two entries. I must warn you, though: it's really bad.


[B][COLOR="White"]December 2008 Concerto Gate Fanfiction - Christmas in Fanburg[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]


*With Christmas coming and all, I decided to write some fanfiction for Concerto Gate, and hopefully, if I don't get lazy, this will become a monthly thing. As many of us know, there is a very real possibility that there may be no further development English version of Concerto Gate, so here's some (not entirely original) fanfiction that will hopefully preserve hope. I'll make an entry a day till Christmas, I guess. I apologize for my fail writing skills, LOL!*

[B][U]From the Diaries of Lucina Faye: Entry One - December 18[/U][/B]

The snow that fell around this time of year once seemed like a benediction from the skies above. It was fun to watch every little speck of white gently fall to earth. But then my parents passed away, ill from the cold. Since that time when I was six, I have never liked Christmas. The cold, harsh weather around this time makes it mighty difficult to farm, too, and besides, it's not like [I]I[/I] ever get any presents. The past seven years have been very hard because of winter, so I can see no reason why my parents cherished this dreadful holiday so much. I remember them singing (an activity in which I refused to participate) around a leafless tree that just occupied more space in our diminutive hovel. How weird, right?

This year, though, I'm considering moving to a nearby town to begin anew. The weather here has worsened with each year, and my crops cannot continue to endure these conditions. But...I'm afraid... What will the people be like? No...I can't leave. The meager food I have right now will simply have to suffice.

[B][U]From the Diaries of Lucina Faye: Entry Two - December 19[/U][/B]

Unbelievable. The temperature has dropped at least three degrees since yesterday, and nearly all my crops are buried in the thick snow. All I could see to gather for food today was two stiff carrots and a rock-hard potato, none of which were appetizing in the least.

My only meal left me with a peculiar rancid taste in my mouth as well as an extreme thirst, so I slogged through the heavy snow with a bucket for water. Needless to say, the frozen pond provided not even a modicum of liquid. Desperate, I gobbled up as much snow as my stomach could handle. My now convulsing body regrets that breakdown.

I don't think this life will work out anymore. This year's winter may be terrible, but what about next year's? And the following years'? Generally...I am adamant in my decisions. When I planned to plant cabbages, though it was winter, cabbages I did plant. Since the time I set a limit of two buckets of water daily for myself, I have drunk not a drop past my limit.

But these continually worsening conditions are simply unbearable. My bags have been packed. I'm moving into town.[/SPOILER]

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