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when did I get a latale blog

Posted 01-07-2010 at 12:42 AM by Clario
certainly not in the distant past

So, I've been stuck in a slump with my Sorcerer. I'm Level 89, at 95%. Just one more level to Level 90!

Except I can't muster the willpower to kill enough monsters to do this.

I mean, I do have goals. I want to be in OGP's Top 40 Sorcerers list, and the lowest level in that is like, 126.

But... other than that, I have nothing to look forward to, do I? There's always fifth tier skills, and the prospect of doing mad damage is very nice, but I already outdamage everyone I know in terms of Damage Per Hit. (7k back attack crit on a Priring! YEAH)

I could always PvP but that always manages to get boring after either fighting people who don't put up a fight at all or people who kick my butt without lifting a finger. And PvPing for an Epic Magic Set just makes it even more boring.

Third job? I could always level in advance for that, but what will I do once I hit the cap? I would probably play even more once the Sorcerers get their chargeable AoE skills (do want) but... would I still be interested by the time it comes around?

Also, my pet and Warp Crystal are expired and I don't even have 1/4th of the money to recharge them. Aiyahhh.

I do want to keep playing LaTale, I really do. But I can't find any reasons to.

I made a new character in hopes that it would rekindle my excitement and stuff. It's going to be a pure healing wizard -> support bard. One of my real life friends joined too.

That's always fun.

So. Tell me what you guys do for motivation, and give me ideas, as well.

Also, tell me your money making plans other than mining. I'm interested in that too.

Go go go!

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