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Watercolouring :3

Posted 01-29-2010 at 02:55 PM by ChocoKeiko
Updated 01-29-2010 at 03:02 PM by ChocoKeiko
I really love watercolors! Well, it's something only recently I have been using so I'm quite new using it~ but I have lots of fun, and I find it even therapeutic! xD
So, this is a painting I did in the last month:

diogosaito on deviantART << he taught me how to use watercolors, basically XD
He's such an awesome artist and responsible for making awesome Penelope pictures for the brazilian licences. ;w; Just awesome.
So, I wanted to replicate that style he's using and I asked for directions!

basically, I got my sumi-e brush and had the paper wet, in the place I wanted it to be coloured first; then, with a super wet brush, grabbed some color and let it leek in the wattery surface~ all fast, and fun :3
Originally, Diogo Saito uses monochromatic scheme, with pinks and gray tones; I added more color. But I followed his way by adding colors only where there was supposed to be shading.

Well, i'm still a baby and learning about watercolors, this is my second painting only <3 I want to improve more, and use this technique in more detailed and complex drawings~
This one was a rough one, I just really really wanted to try it out xD Not an excuse, but i want a prettier drawing next time hahah

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  1. mamoru's Avatar
    that looks really adorable :> i especially like how you colored in the shorts
    Posted 01-29-2010 at 07:31 PM by mamoru mamoru is offline
  2. ChocoKeiko's Avatar
    Thank you! And yeah, I love colouring shorts~ and I'm much better at it than colouring skirts :<
    Posted 01-30-2010 at 03:12 PM by ChocoKeiko ChocoKeiko is offline
  3. SOC's Avatar
    Woww, I love it! Great job~
    Posted 02-01-2010 at 05:12 AM by SOC SOC is offline
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