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The Ivory Tower - character classes: GOD-SPAWNS

Posted 05-30-2010 at 12:00 AM by Catharsis
List of mortal classes for the Ivory Tower. Man, this is long.


II. God-spawns (Mortals)

God-spawns are mortals with bloodlines laced with those of the Demi-Gods. They are nothing more than ordinary humans whose fortunate genetics saved them from the Collapse. Faced with an unstable world teeming with Immortals far more powerful, they decided to harvest various skills and abilities that could increase their chances of survival, and perhaps even find the answer they have been looking for – how to restore time.

There has always been an unspoken struggle between Everlasts and God-spawns. Everlasts wish to maintain the status quo, for this arrangement allows them to thrive in this plane and wander freely. Many God-spawns, however, were raised with stories of the Old World, when the world was alive and not a desert of abandoned broken-down buildings that refuse to come down, hanging in mid-air. They hear of the times when water need not be taken to Alchemists to be altered to drinkable form. They remember the times when sunlight was abound, and people need not hunt down and enslave Light-bearers for heat and light.

1. Alchemists

Mortals who survived the Collapse realized soon enough that in order to survive, they had to learn how to acquire food and water even when the rivers froze, and all crops ceased to grow. By mastering the art of alchemy, they gained the skills to manipulate matter itself. Using a sophisticated combination of technology and forbidden arts, they could make water flow again, and artificially grow crops and livestock. They also possess a variety of skills such as metallurgy and surgery. Because of other people’s survival rely on their skills, they’ve made an enterprise of selling food and services, and have grown to be extremely wealthy since the Collapse. It is even said that families of this class could afford their own Light-bearers as personal slaves.

There are three main types of Alchemists: Inorganic and Organic. Inrganic alchemists can emulate metals for machine and weapons, as well as various manipulate elements like water to make them potable. Organic alchemists can breath life where there is none, as well as control carbon-based cells. They either become merchants of foodstuff or specialize in medicine and surgery. Rumor has it that some organic alchemists dabble with bringing back the dead, using the bodies of the time-frozen mortals to study how this can be done (if they have not figured it out already). Certainly this possibility is alarming to Soul Harvesters, because a resurrection would further distort the already mangled cycle of life and death.

Alchemists’ skills, being so valuable, are very guarded. They rarely leave their large, heavily-guarded plantations, and when they do it is always with escort. They have grown paranoid because over the years, many have attempted to steal the secret of their practice. Alchemists who betray their brethren and attempt to publicize their skill sets are immediately eliminated by hired assassins.

2. Verses

They are the bards, poets, and heralds that litter the City’s pubs, bars, and streets. They sing stories of the old world barely anyone could remember and of the daily challenges of God-spawns as they struggled to restore the world to its proper order. Sometimes, though, these Verses come into a trance and begin to sing of prophecies and cryptic messages few people could decipher. The drunken patrons of the pubs they frequent attribute it to opium, but some say they speak the truth, and could be the key to the City’s salvation.

Few Verses realize that they are actually rebirths of Familiars who have died and lost their memory. Those that do believe this strive to regain these memories by searching out fellow Familiars who could guide them into regaining lost knowledge, for it is said that Verses who restore their memories regain their immortality as Familiars. And as Familiars with access to the knowledge of all time and space, they also hold the key to the Restoration of Time.

3. Pure/Impure

This class was produced by a Pandora’s Purification or Unleashing of a being’s alter-ego, respectively. Once touched, the being immediately become a mere mortal no matter what he or she was initially. Because of the complete turnaround in their nature and personalities, Pures and Impures spend their lives searching for meaning and seeking to understand the person they were before the change.

There is nothing particularly special to them in terms of supernatural attributes, except whatever knowledge or abilities they already possessed before the purification or unleashing. They do, however, have the ability to identify a Pandora as well as sense his or her presence from afar. As a result, Soul Harvesters seek their aid to either avoid places where Pandoras wander or use them to set a trap.

4. Light-bearers

They are the brilliant children of the demi-god Phoebus whose mere presence could change light to day. The bards often sing of their long, golden hair that could rival sunbeams, and the way the earth warmed and breathed again on the wake of their footsteps. Because of their breathtaking beauty, the demi-gods loved them and hid them away in the Haven of the Gods so that they may enjoy their warmth and radiance. During the Collapse, god-spawns reported seeing stars falling from the sky. They believed that these were Light-bearers falling to the earth.

Light-bearers never look like they are aging even when in fact they are, and even the oldest ones stay looking like sweet 15-year-old adolescents. All mortals actually wish to “own” a Light-bearer because in the gray-shrouded city, they are the only source of warmth and light (the only other alternative from the artificially-crafted fire that Alchemists sell at obscenely high prices). Strands of their hair, if cut away, also burst into fire without the aid of technology or the dark arts.

Because of their usefulness in everyday life, Light-bearers have been reduced to slaves and trade commodity. They are often found being bartered in the marketplace, sold away in cages and chains, wearing tattered clothing that does not justify their physical beauty. Some merchants have even begun to “breed” Light-bearers when they became so scarce that they could no longer be hunted in distant places. The townspeople’s governing body also puts up Light-bearers in cages in the town square so people who cannot afford artificial fire or their own Light-bearer can gather and stay warm.

5. Vishnu

The sole warrior class, they are devout monks who uphold the ancient faiths. Over the years, the Old World’s religions have merged and evolved, and the Vishnu priesthood uphold these with relentless (bordering on excessively severe) discipline. The priesthood has several sects, each safeguarding the major sub-variations of the faith (some focusing on Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc) but as a class, they have three common vows:

First is self-discipline, an outward expression of which is meditation through tedious physical training of the combat arts (a mixture of hand-to-hand fighting techniques from the ancient cultures such as wushu and capoeira).

Second, single-minded devotion to their One God [Ohm???], for they may be the only ones left who maintain faith that His Hand will one day sweep over the dead world and restore its life. The Vishnu forego all other worldly pursuits such as wealth and desires of the flesh (thus, the vow of celibacy) to prove their otherworldly devotion, believing that the more they sacrifice, the more it will please the One God, and shall reward them by restoring Time.

Third is ahimsa or non-violence; despite their rigid training in the combat arts, it is strictly forbidden to inflict pain on other people with malicious intent. Fighting is only justified if it protects the downtrodden, or if the priesthood is under threat by outside forces.

Though the Vishnu takes in both men and women, their traditional culture causes them to be extremely patriarchal, even bordering on misogyny. Women forbidden from practicing the combat arts and their practices are limited to scholarly pursuits (mostly as encoders and record-keepers of the Old World’s manuscripts). The priesthood acquires their numbers by adopting orphans or taking in children sworn in by their families. The brethren live on isolated monasteries by the mountainside, away from the prying eyes of outsiders. The members of this class are easily identified by intricate crests tattoos on their left shoulders, the designs of which vary by their corresponding sect.

Not everyone in the priesthood could maintain the mandates of their doctrine, and those who fail are either expelled in shame or willingly renounce their vows. Former Vishnus are forced to have their tatoos burned off before they leave the monastery as a symbol of their shame.

6. Transients

Transients are a very important class as well as the rarest, for they are the only beings with the ability to Unfreeze people and certain objects/events despite the Collapse of Time. They have very short lives, though; on average the only live up to four cycles (two years), and each time they Unfreeze something, they lose another half-cycle. There are only two Transients in existence, and they are the antithesis of the other.

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