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The Ivory Tower - character classes: EVERLASTS

Posted 05-29-2010 at 11:59 PM by Catharsis
Here's the very long cast of character classes in my alternate universe. Hohoho. No wonder I couldn't get around to writing this thing. I have character profiles hidden somewhere... Err, can't remember which computer. Maybe it'll end up as long as the Wheel of Time.

THE CAST (Character Classes)

I. Everlasts (Immortals)

Once upon a time, Immortals are exempt from death, but the Collapse of Time changed all that. Now, Immortality does not mean complete immunity from death, but an infinite lifespan. Even the most powerful creatures have weaknesses, as is with all other beings…

Immortality is a dual-edged blade; it can be seen either as blessing or a curse. For human beings who once feared death and suddenly found themselves with infinity at their feet, it was a blessing. Some are born with the inability to die until their purpose has been met; for them, a futile quest could turn their lives into endless torment. Then, there are those who have known forever since the conception of time itself, for destiny was in their hands.

1. Familiars

Called "The Ageless" by common folks, these beings have seen everything, been everywhere. It is said they have walked the earth even before the beginning of time in order to observe and record events that shaped history in behalf of the gods and demi-gods, as well as serve as vehicles of intervention. They have the ability to simply walk in and out of time and space, for their non-corporeal constitutions are portals in themselves. They can also as escort other beings in the same manner, and thus many seek their guidance for clarity in that chaotic world.

Although they are generally specters, moving in and out of reality unnoticed, they gained the ability to materialize after the Collapse. They can produce tangible bodies at will, albeit these are rather weak and unsustainable in form for long periods. The Familiars believe that it was due to the loss of Time which had initially protected their anonymity. Or, it could be that they are called to play a significant role in the Restoration of Time…

A key area of note is that Familiars are physically weak when assuming a body, and could even be die from minor injuries unless attended to. Their immortality however affords them to be reawakened as a mortal, albeit without memories as a Familiar.

2. Pandoras

An extremely rare class, no human in history has ever seen a Pandora, much less verified their existence. The legends say believe that these beings were born each time there a need to restore balance. Allegedly, these mysterious beings possess the extraordinary ability to bring out a being’s inner darkness simply by touching them (and thus, Pandoras always cover themselves and live in seclusion for fear of accidentally performing the “Unleash” towards others). The same way, they can also “Purify” a person by absorbing the inner darkness (anger, bitterness, despair, all that constitutes wickedness) into themselves, but at a price – poisoned by the iniquity of others, they lose the ability to distinguish good and evil, sometimes go insane, and eventually become corrupt. Those purified by a Pandora immediately become humans. Corrupt Pandoras are blind, perhaps a symbol of losing sight of truth itself. Artists often portray corrupt Pandoras with a black marking of an ornate key on their right cheeks.

One of the legends tells of a young Pandora who loved a wicked man. In a desperate attempt to redeem him, she removed her gloves and purified him, only to damn herself in his place. When the bards sing of this tale, they cry, for in the end she became so corrupt that she no longer understood the concept of love which had driven her to perform the act of Purification. The Pandora blamed her lover for her sightless misery, slaughtered him in cold blood, and used his blood to paint a figure of a key on her face as a reminder of her mistake.

A warning to all who seek Pandora status; their hypersensitivity to the inner good of people makes them susceptible to compassion, which could sometimes lead to being tricked to Purify beings without regard for the consequences to their sanity.

3. Soul Harvesters

Sultry and dark, these creatures could be so beguiling that they could even make death seem inviting. They often say that they maintain their beauty as a favor to the souls they would reap – they are, after all, the last vision that the damned would ever see. They are the messengers of Elysea where the essences of the dead reside and await reincarnation.

After the Collapse, humans stopped dying, and reincarnation came to a stand-still. There were simply no more souls to collect, except for the god-spawns and the few purified by Pandoras. These worked for them just fine, for it gave them more time to attend to their vanity and mingle with the living world instead of constantly chasing the damned in their list.

Soul Harvesters are narcissists by nature. Often they disobey the rules and absorb the essences of souls to add to their physical beauty, which effectively damns the soul for it automatically restrains reincarnation. However, if Purified by a Pandora, they immediately become human and lose their mystical beauty in the process. Also having knowledge of the predicament that the souls face in the Underworld, they developed an extreme fear of mortality bordering on paranoia. As such, they avoid Pandoras like the plague, and some even resort to meddling with the system to destroy all Pandoras by hiring decoys that trick Pandoras into Purifying tainted people (consequently driving themselves insane).

5. Demi-Gods

These are the mortal gods who damned the world in their desperation for immortality. Whimsical and mighty, they sit in their ivory towers without a care for the destruction they have wrought. Yet, there are a few who meddle with the God-Spawns and their affairs, perhaps out of sympathy, or perhaps out of boredom.

Since this class is a sensitive lot with the power to move the universe, it will be open only to the RP moderators. That means these Demi-God mods can come in and "dispose of" rule breakers and troublemakers in the story, as well as give the plot a nudge in the right direction should it go awry.

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  1. HolyAbyssal's Avatar
    "Maybe it'll end up as long as the Wheel of Time."

    Enthralled already ;;
    Posted 06-05-2010 at 07:29 PM by HolyAbyssal HolyAbyssal is offline
  2. Mitchi's Avatar
    "Maybe it'll end up as long as the Wheel of Time."

    But...but..That was so long the guy died before finishing it.
    Posted 06-06-2010 at 11:07 PM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
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