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The Ivory Tower - mythos

Posted 05-29-2010 at 11:52 PM by Catharsis
Updated 05-30-2010 at 12:15 AM by Catharsis
Old, old plot for a monster novel and RP from 5 years ago. Didn't quite develop yet.


After the Creation, the One God rested and never awakened. He had seen with His omnipotent eye the travesty that would become of His handiwork, and was so revolted by the future that He abandoned.

His children, the Demi-Gods, took the world He rejected and ruled it in His stead. However, they were mere extensions of the One God; despite possessing powers of gods, they were not immortal. The Demi-Gods resented that despite their prowess, they were still subject to the mercy of the Soul Harvesters of Elysea who collects the essences of the departed and manages the cycle of life and death. The One God had appointed the special task to them Himself, but Demi-Gods have always regarded them as inferior and pretentious.

In desperation, The Demi-Gods striked a deal with the Undertakers below, the brethren of Elysea. Elysea would forego the Demi-Gods’ mortality in the cycle of life and death, and in return they would give them Melissande, the only living Demi-God with innate protection from death. For in her hand she controls Time, and her subjugation would cease the cycle of life and death. The Elyseans would be freed of their imposed task, and the Demi-Gods could live indefinitely.

Melissande was betrayed by her brothers and sisters, chained with unbreakable bonds, and bartered to the Reapers like cheap chattel. The Soul Harvesters immediately hid their prize away, and the Deity of Time was never seen again.

The world froze to a lifeless wasteland. As a result of the Demi-Gods’ selfishness, time literally ceased to exist. Humans turned to living statues, birds paused in mid-flight, the ocean waves crested but never crashed. The land crumbled, large chunks of soil and cement separating from earth like islands only to float aimlessly. Night and day bled into each other, indistinguishable in the gray mist that enveloped the world.

The only survivors were humans with demi-god blood in their veins, saved by the codicil in the deal that damned the world. The alternate plane where emissaries of the demi-gods roamed, the Familiars, merged with this world, as space was also disturbed by the absence of time. Even the Soul Harvesters, freed of their cumbersome responsibility, became free to wander the earth. And then, there were the sudden appearance of Pandoras, who initially were thought to exist only in myths…

The great cities fell. But in New York, a magnificent ivory citadel rose from the earth, towering over the ruins of ancient sky scrapers, and speared the skies; how far it reached, no one knew. Some claim it bridged this world and those of the demi-gods. Some even say that is reached to the world of Elysea, the Land of the Dead.

Drawn by the mystery of the Tower, the survivors converged. They were drawn by rumors that the answer of the ages-long riddle of restoring time (and with it, their lost humanity) lie along the ridges of the citadel. Around it they formed their abodes, forming small communities. Amongst them the Everlasts wandered - the Familiars observing passively but intently, memorizing each moment of this reality beyond time, and Soul Harvests mingling with others to escape the stifling environment of an underworld overflowing with stagnating souls desperate for release. Pandoras roamed outside the Only City in to avoid accidentally touching other beings.

The world has been reduced to a wasteland. Skyscrapers caught mid-fall loom over dark streets lined with torches lighted by artificial Alchemist-made fire, and Light-bearers are kept in cages in the middle of the town square where the homeless swarm for heat. There is no day and night, but sometimes the time warp shows vestiges of what seems to be a patch of day hovering in the sky in the form of clouds and some light. Though most of the time, all they see overhead is gray. The more affluent sections of the city are occupied by alchemists who have become the elite of the mortal society, as it is only through their wares and skills that the God-spawns even survive.

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