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[Trickster Fanfic] The Velvet Curtain (3/10?) - Part 2 [Warning: Sexual Content]

Posted 01-12-2010 at 08:16 AM by Catharsis
Updated 01-14-2010 at 06:29 PM by Catharsis
Heads-up on mature content and sexual situations. Nothing graphic, but just in case...

Directly continued from this chapter: /forum/blogs/cathars...10-part-1.html

Read the rest HERE.


TVC Act 1, Chapter 3 - Part 2

They passed through the second set of drapes, and were immediately accosted by the overwhelming mixture of blinding chandeliers lights, the scent of opium, and the animated sounds of wheeling and dealing.

This was it; the gambling floor of The Velvet Curtain.

A passing waitress, scantily clad in a tight rust-colored dress that bared white thighs and way too much bossom, breezed over with a tray of drinks in one hand. After giving the pair a look-over, she flashed a flirtatious smile at Lian, but scowled sourly at Shawn. Lian appeased the hostile waitress by taking a glass of Diamond Potion with a wink, and led Shawn forward.

“Ah, the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head,” Lian observed good-naturedly, taking a sip of his drink. “They think you’re a threat. A pretty newcomer stealing their patron. I must admit, though, some of these ladies are quite talented in bed. I’ve availed of their services myself. I wonder if you’re a match in that area as well.”

“Too bad you’ll never find out,” Shawn replied coldly, but eased closer to Lian, her arm snaking around his waist just to piss off the other watching waitresses-cum-prostitutes. “Figures you’d be a man*****”

“I was bored,” he replied nonchalantly, as if that were a perfectly acceptable excuse for frolicking with low-flying doves.

“Yer Highness! Yoohoo!”

The pair glanced up. At the far end of the room, past the violet-draped poker tables and its sea of gamblers, stood The Dealer waving his hands. He gestured over to the raised dais behind him, a cozy but spacious corner with a round table and its matching four wing chairs. An ornate lamp hung low from the ceiling, casting an amber glow on the shiny oak surface of the table. Beyond the table, glass-paneled doors led to a balcony overlooking the sublime shores of Oops Wharf.

The boy-lion raised four fingers, and mouthed, “Four minutes.”

Shawn tensed, hands instinctively reaching to her hip, and then cursed when she found that her holster that wasn’t there. Lian gave a reassuring squeeze on her waist before pulling per closer, his lips touching her ear.

“That’s the Deck. We’re playing there,” he murmured in a low voice. “You’ll be deposited into the Celadon room where you can watch. See that curtain beside the stairs to the dais? There. Behave yourself. Do not arouse suspicion. Observe how all the players behave. And then… you’ll know what to do.”

“Right,” Shawn replied, pulling back to stare into his solemn indigo eyes. Her fingers affectionately touched his chest, then slithered upwards to caress his nape and tangle into his silken hair. Everyone was watching, she knew. “I’ll find my opening. Ease into it.”

“Remember, we’re not in any hurry.”

“Mmm,” she replied vaguely. She honestly did not know what she could do if she saw him again and lost control. She might just…

“Caution is key, or you may lose your chance,” Lian repeated.

As always, he seemed to be reading her thoughts right off her face. She repressed a shudder at the disconcerting feeling of vulnerability before his gaze. “Yes. Caution,” she echoed.

“Do not do anything stupid.”

At this, she scowled. “You’re pushing it, Bastard-Dragon.”

He smirked. It was familiar, and almost comforting. “Alright, let’s do this,” he said, and proceeded to herd her towards the sectioned room beside the Deck.

She was deposited into the Celadon Lounge. Aptly named, even the walls were covered in green velvet, except for one wall made entirely of glass to allow the occupants to view the game. Pale green divans lined the wall opposite the glass wall, with gold cushions and cashmere duvets adorning the furniture.

Obediently, she allowed herself to be laid down on the divan. Before The Dealer’s eyes, Lian and Shawn gave little show.

One hand gripping Lian’s shoulders and the other twisted into his hair, Shawn yanked him down over her and nipped teasingly at his lower lip. Lian’s eyes darted to the side overlooking the Deck and back at Shawn’s face, understood, and went to work. He gripped one stocking-covered thigh, ran over the revealed flesh, and raised it so that it can wrap around his hips before he plundered her mouth.

Lips, tongue, teeth. Let it be known that despite Shawn’s averseness to the arrogant dragon, he was an exceptionally attractive male specimen with a surprisingly talented mouth. Unlike earlier at the waiting room, he drew moans that were not fabricated at the very least. His fingers, slow and deliberate, reached every patch of skin not covered by clothing. By the time he released her, she was panting loudly, flushed pink at the cheeks, her lips swollen, and her heaving bosom dangerously close to spilling over the top of her bodice.

Lian was considerate enough to tug a corner of her corset up a notch over her breast before rising from the divan. The bastard was smirking and looked unaffected, damn his miserable soul, but she was too dazzled to bother with an insult. Besides, a burly man who had come into the Deck just in time for their make-up section was gaping like fish and sporting a very obvious tent in his breeches.


Lian left the Celadon Lounge and entered the Deck, greeted the mystery voyeur with a nod and a loud “Ace of Clubs” for Shawn’s benefit.

Target identified.

While the two took their seats and waited for the rest of the players to assemble, Ace of Clubs kept his dark gaze on her. She decided to indulge him. Rolling to her side, she lounged on the divan with one long leg extended over the other and then leaned on her elbows to give more exposure to her bosom. With the way Ace’s lids fell half-mast and Lian’s approving glance, she confirmed that she was doing a job well-done.

She nudged her frilly skirt just a tiny bit higher up her leg for good measure, and laid back to watch the show unfold. By the end of the day, she would draw first blood.


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  1. Rhois's Avatar
    I must demand more. Exceedingly ambiguous and amusing, and well written. It's quite inspirational, I should really write something instead of doing nothing. D<

    Go Cath go! 8D
    Posted 01-13-2010 at 08:57 PM by Rhois Rhois is offline
  2. I love it so far. All of your pieces are beautifully written- the imagery is perfect, and it's a pleasure to read. Your writing just draws me in. If I may say so, it's like a slice of delicious cake- tingling to your senses, and it makes you content with what you have while you yearn for more simultaneously.
    Posted 01-14-2010 at 07:50 PM by Lei Lei is offline
  3. Catharsis's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouraging words, guys. :x

    And lol @ the ad bot. Thanks for cleaning that up, Miyoo.
    Posted 01-17-2010 at 05:44 AM by Catharsis Catharsis is offline
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