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Guildies gone wild? ;-;

Posted 03-01-2009 at 10:50 AM by Cait
Now this may not be the best place to look for serious answers, but im posting this here as prolly the majority of you have had long term guilds going.

But I ask you post serious answers only. Thanks.


I have my own guild, been doing amazing for 3 months now.. Spent 90% of that time as #1 guild.

We're generally all happy, friendly, funny... family.

Lately though..

The people who are the 'veterans' have been getting, I duno what it is. Territorial? Or something?

Acting like they are better than everyone else?

I boot inactives daily.. Get new recruits. They complain they don't know any of the guild members... Yet they won't TRY to talk to them. In fact just the opposite. They take and embrace any comment/joke/remark/whatever I throw at them or they throw at eachother.. But when a 'newbie' does it, they get all pissy and act offended or whatever.

Theres one particular 'newbie' who ive been friends with for a long time, but only a few other people know him.. He's a sub in my guild becuase we're close and I have a lot of respect for him. I TRUST him. (and its hard to get me to trust people)... So he's got the social skills of a higher level/closer friend, but.. everyone picks on him like he's new.. I tell them to stop being mean to him......... But I dont know they just cant seem to be nice and treat him like an equal.

Is this normal? ><
Are they secretly only respecting me because im the guild master? Why cant they respect MY friends also? I love my 'vet' guildies.. But I love my friend who ive been friends with forever.

Some of them have been leaving already.. others plan to leave or even MIGHT leave. How can they wanna ditch the WHOLE guild because of ONE person? ONE person who is NOT a bad person. He's not annoying or spams or anything. He's very helpfull and helps enforce the rules.

It's not because of the exp. When they joined we werent even getting the exp.

I never had this problem when I was sub of another guild.. I was sub there for 5 months, a member for 10.

This is just insane and makes me wanna leave..

Should i just let all the vets leave? Try to rebuild with newbies? The newer people we've got have been really awesome, active, social..

I dont want ANYONE to leave. <=(

What should I do? ;-;


a side note.. Not just in my guild.. but in other guilds im in.. other places on the net.. On the other side of the world... Even IRL.. ive noticed a lot of people have been rather.. angsty. Theyre mean.. pissy... unforgiving.. This seemed to have started early-mid Feburary..

Is this something that usually happens around valentines day?? Is everyone just pissed cuz its still cold out (I know i am XD) is everyones pissy-ness linked? or completely coincidential?

Thanks for any helpfull, non flame-tastic replies :3

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  1. m1s3ri's Avatar
    Well, I dunno about your exact situation so of course I can't say for sure, but I know if I'm not part of the guild leadership I won't stay in a guild that has even one member I really dislike. In the end it just tends to cause guild drama and such which isn't good for the guild or the players involved.

    Also, while you never want your friends to leave, fact is that not everyone is going to get along well. Just remain friends with those who really are good friends regardless of their guild affiliation, that's all you can do.
    Posted 03-02-2009 at 07:20 AM by m1s3ri m1s3ri is offline
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