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College and stuff

Posted 08-31-2010 at 07:39 AM by BriGuy92
50th blog post woooooooooo

So, as of today, I've been a "college kid" for a week. Fun stuff, I tell you. Classes didn't start until yesterday, so I'm still just learning what that's all about. All in all, it seems like a good time, what with all the learning and stuff. Here's hoping that between my classes and homework and studying and all that I still have time for gaming. Part of me is saying "Yeah right, like that will ever happen" and another part is saying "what are you talking about, there's always time for gaming!" I'm not sure which part I agree with. Not agreeing with yourself is an odd situation to be in. So... let us see here. How about a list? I'm good at those.

- Physics: I'm thinking this class should be a fun one. The teacher is a 40-something Korean man who likes to crack jokes so unfunny they're hilarious. The odd thing is that I'm the only Brian in the class and he seems to think that everyone's name is Brian. So that might get confusing.

- Calculus: It's a math class. Which, for me, basically means that it is incredibly easy but also incredibly boring. It doesn't help that it's about 90 degrees here in upstate New York and the classroom isn't air-conditioned. And the teacher really needs to invest in an undershirt. (It was disgusting.)

- "Living in Cyberspace": I've been referring to this class as "Internet class." It's more or less a class whose purpose is to study the effects of the Internet on society. The professor looks to be about 60 but makes poop jokes like he's 12. It probably has something to do with the fact that his class is about the internet.

- Computer Science: Actually, I haven't gone to this class yet. It starts in approximately three and a half hours. I'm expecting it to be, well, a programming class. Which is a good thing, because programming classes are, by default, awesome. Except It'll be a programming class without 7hatGuy, which, after last year, will be a... different... experience.

There were other things I was going to say, but as is usual with rambly posts, I have forgotten them. It is entirely possible, likely even, that I'll remember them at a later time and then forget to post them.

Have a cake

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Tags: crazy, heat, school
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  1. 7hatGuy's Avatar
    I'm debating whether to try and test out of my programming class or not, since I just looked through the index of the book real quick before I decided to troll the library with my laptop. Everything in there? We already did. Actually, we did more then the book does, which leaves me in a position of debating if I should give more attention then I probably will or if I should just feel smug in superiority.
    Posted 08-31-2010 at 10:18 AM by 7hatGuy 7hatGuy is offline
  2. PedroRomero's Avatar
    aw where are the liberal arts?
    Posted 08-31-2010 at 08:57 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  3. 7hatGuy's Avatar
    Techies don't believe in liberal arts <_<
    Posted 08-31-2010 at 09:19 PM by 7hatGuy 7hatGuy is offline
  4. BriGuy92's Avatar
    Which is alright, because the liberal arts don't believe in techies either.
    Posted 09-01-2010 at 11:15 AM by BriGuy92 BriGuy92 is offline
  5. SOC's Avatar
    I've wasted two and a half years on liberal arts (gen ed) and now I'm going to be a techie. <_<
    Posted 09-02-2010 at 07:55 AM by SOC SOC is offline
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