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Awesome Evening

Posted 03-05-2010 at 07:17 PM by BriGuy92
Fridays are so much fun.

It's the end of the school day, and eneljie (LordRozen on LT, plays that waaaay more often than he posts here) approaches me.
"Hey, wanna come to my house to hang out for the evening?"
"Will there be food?"
So after a bit of mucking about in the guidance counselor's office, we tracked down 7hatGuy and left the building. The three of us got into eneljie's car and he proceeded to roll down the windows. All of the windows. And then he started the car and turned the volume on the stereo all the way up. And then he put in a CD full of... anime music.
Worst. Rebel. Ever.
Although I must admit, I did really enjoy the confused stares from all the people in the parking lot. So we got to his house about 10 minutes later and spent the next half-hour or so watching videos on Then we turned on the PS3 and played LittleBigPlanet to pass the time until our other friend, Dave, showed up. And when he did get there, we watched one of the strangest animes I have ever seen. It was a film entitled Metropolis, apparently by the same guy who created Astro Boy. It was a weird combination of win and fail all at the same time. More or less, it involves a city not unlike Rapture from Bioshock in which a evil overlord-ish person creates a robot that then proceeds to attempt to destroy the world. It also contains a 10-year-old boy/robot love story. Or something like that. Yeah, it was a bit confusing, and I'm having a hard time describing it. However, there was also pizza as well as Halo matches. Not in the movie, that would be odd.
Custom Halo gametypes are fun. Like a match in which we only used swords and lasers. Or a high-speed, low gravity instant-death match. Or a grenades-only match. Fun times.

In the end, I almost was late getting back home, but the day was saved by fast driving and very loud Rise Against music. So we ended up being proper rebels in the end.

Now for LaTale. Let's see if my over-caffeinated mind can take it.

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