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Stupid fire alarms

Posted 12-02-2009 at 07:00 AM by BriGuy92
Updated 01-05-2010 at 07:27 AM by BriGuy92
December 2, 2009. 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest-yet day of the school year. And Concord High School decides that it's a great day for a fire drill. Hrmph, I say. So we had to clear out the entire school and everyone had to stand outside for a good five minutes. Not at all pleasant. Nothing like the ones we had last year, though.

See, Concord High is not actually the school I go to. I'm from Pembroke, the town next door to Concord. The IT class I'm in from 9:00 to 11:00 every morning is only offered at Concord. So I don't actually attend this school and am therefore completely unfamiliar with it. A real shame, too, because I have this tendency to never get lost, and I get lost in this school. If I were ever to find my way around it, I bet I could make it into a real cool Garry's Mod map. But now I'm rambling. I was discussing fire drills. Last year, at this same school, we had a fire drill in which we were told to head down a certain hallway and into a different building. So my friends and I did. And then we got completely lost. I mean, we had positively no idea where we were, and the halls were totally deserted. Not fun. We eventually found our way to stumbled upon a lobby where we found our teacher, at which point we had to wait there for about ten minutes to be allowed back to our classroom, which turned out to not be that far from where we had ended up. Total facepalm situation. Then there was the time that the alarm system at our school (Pembroke, that is) got entirely screwed up. There was one day in which the fire alarm went off about six times within a period of about three hours. There weren't actually any fires; the alarms were probably just having fun screwing with the students. What baffled me, though, was the apparent ineptitude of the fire department. In Pembroke, the fire department is situated directly next to the school. Now, when a fire alarm goes off, the FD is required to respond, no matter whether or not there is an actual fire. That's not an issue until you realize that on one occasion on that day, the fire department took ten minutes to get to the school from right next door, while the Honeywell security crew, who had to come from out of town, got there sooner. Then later, as all of us students were shuffling out of the building, the fire engines came tearing out of the fire department garage and flew right past the school. According to the amount of time it took them to actually get to the school, I'm pretty sure they went about a mile down the road before they realized they were in the wrong place.

WTF, fire department?

So yeah, I have a general dislike for fire drills. Especially when it's cold. Seems like they pick the coldest days to have them, every time.

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  1. SOC's Avatar
    Ahhh, the joys of high school. XD I used to love those cold fire alarm days, any thing to get out of class. We'd grab our hacky sacks and play behind the big crowds and behind the lines of students so that no one else could see us. XD But really, that's a pretty lamesauce fire department!
    Posted 12-02-2009 at 09:03 AM by SOC SOC is offline
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