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dad so asian

Posted 09-16-2010 at 07:32 PM by Bonnie
stereotypical asian parents yaaaay.

wheeeee we have progress reports already coming in and dad noticed I got a 93 on a science test. (I already did something for an extra 10 points on it, but teach didn't update those before they were printed… boo :<)

But dad does not care if it's a 93 in front of him. So he goes all out on his “this is not an acceptable grade for you, do better” speech.
Then like usual that turns into how I should manage my life and me only nodding.

almost always includes:
  • “Do all the extra credit you can get, even if you already have all one hundred's in one class, do extra credit and you'll look extra smarter compared to your stupid white classmates!!!” (they're my white classmate friends though...and they are not stupid ;_; )
  • “SPORTS? NO GOOD.” (i don't like sports anyway though so ahahaha)
  • “You want to join some unimportant for fun club? NO GOOD.”
  • “Oh you joined key club? PERFECT, THAT LOOKS VERY NICE ON COLLEGE APPLICATIONS.” (Was not thinking that but whatever floats your boat, dad.)
  • “Get into a fancy college on a full scholarship and let me and your mom gloat all about you, HAHAHA!”
  • “Get up earlier to help your mom with all the chores. ALL OF THEM!”
  • “Why are so many of your friends white? They're going to do bad things then get you into it. Find more asian friends.” (There aren't that many where we live, Dad. D:<)
  • "You should only date a Chinese boy, maybe Korean or Japanese if you have to. Or even a really really really smart white boy that we know will become a successful doctor." (k that's hopeless here now)
  • "Oh and the boy must be able to understand your 8 o clock curfew."

dad you know ilu but just stfu sometimes.
but i know my parents are not as bad as some other families...

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  1. Ascherit's Avatar
    lol i'm lucky to have a mom that's pretty chill about what ever i do in life

    but yeah typically most asian parents are like that -- you'll just have to put up with them until college...then hopefully they won't send you back home to take care of them or something
    Posted 09-16-2010 at 07:54 PM by Ascherit Ascherit is offline
  2. kmelfina's Avatar
    Well my dad isn't totally strict, just reminds me to study and when I don't he reminds me already of the consequences. At the bright side seems your dad cares of your future and wants it to be secure so you wouldn't have to worry much on finances.

    *hugs* I feel for you though ^_^
    Posted 09-20-2010 at 05:13 PM by kmelfina kmelfina is offline
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