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Vindictus Occational Diary #1 (part 2)

Posted 11-02-2010 at 09:44 PM by Blizt
So following part 1...this time I'm talking about a quest.

The quest's about finding this Iced Strawberry Brandy for the smith NPC, however you need to craft it from a Strawberry Brandy with another important item: Ice Crystal.

These Ice Crystal are not exactly common if you don't constantly farming certain stage, but they do appear as reward for some other quests.

Well, getting it was a bish. I managed to get one then craft the Iced Strawberry Brandy and handed to the NPC, hmm~

NPC: Mmm~ Mmm~ Yummy~ NOW GET ME 3 MORE OF THEM~


After about 2 more hours of training/farming in stages, I managed to get 1 more Ice Crystal from stage and 2 more from quest, so I happily crafted 3 more then handed to the NPC.

NPC: Ah~ How nice...*drink one, then another one, then another one...*
NPC: Blizt, this thing is awesome, I'm telling ya to get me 500 more jugs!!

If you have been sitting in front of me, I bet my face is probably pale and shaking

At that moment, I really believed that I needed to get 500 more Iced Strawberry Brandy.

...well can't blame me, some elements in Vindictus, like title system, would make you do lengthy/troubling thing just for some stupid little stat boost, so I totally have reasons to believe that they'd make ridiculous quest just for fun...

I mean from the start this Iced Strawberry Brandy blah blah quest is just something much trouble so little reward back...

Good thing that after I checked the detail in quest window, it tells me that I only need to get 11 more (10 more for him, 1 more for extra luck...extra luck my ass...), still...I felt like being pawned by a small quest...

500 jugs of Iced Strawberry Brandy...I doubt I will ever forget this nightmare in my Vindictus life...Orz

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  1. Crimsonred's Avatar
    Iced strawberry brandy huh, I wonder how it tastes....
    Get me 1, no 999 jugs of that awesome thing! ( LOL )
    Posted 11-04-2010 at 09:15 AM by Crimsonred Crimsonred is offline
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