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Vindictus Occational Diary #1 (part 1)

Posted 11-02-2010 at 09:31 PM by Blizt
Twice today when I played Vindictus, I really felt like smashing my head against the monitor or keyboard...


Fiona player would know that to get the skill book "Amaranth Kick" require the player get the title "Strong Supporter" which needs you to kill Quiremigal (boss in Frost Stone) with a kick.

Well, after playing that stage over and over again with stupid party that won't listen to me to let me use kick as finishing blow, I almost gave up until a party with 3 other Evies helped me washing the boss's HP down to very low for me to kick it.

Afterward I was of course very happy that the farming day for this stage is over, well, until I went to the quest NPC, which it ignored me like I never killed the boss with kick!

I didn't know what went wrong, I thought I did everything right...out of other choice, I made another party, but this time waited a long time with no people I decided to solo the stage myself...

It. Was. A. Disaster.

Things were getting bad when I get to the 3 middle bosses - Icedrege-something, the freaking things are so annoying, they're spread out, yet the range between them is still enough to allow 2 of them attacking me at once.

Sometimes I was able to block 1st one's attack, then 2nd one's attack came out of nowhere when I didn't expect it, OR, even when I expected it, the delay after blocking made me unable to fight back or dodge...

Anyway, I wasted a good 20 minutes here to beat the 3 bastard, wasting a bunch of my potion, two of my Repair Kits, and 2/3 of my Small Bombs...

Boss is just right after them. Here I suffered from only so few potions left, and one more Repair Kits (which is bad, cuz if my shield break 2 more time, I can't use Heavy Stander anymore).

Quiremigal's attack pattern is rather easy to spot, but dodging it is another matter. After some struggling, I ended up constantly circling it doing left x 2 + right x 1 short combo to slowly washing its HP down.

I was being so extra careful after I used up my last Repair Kits to repair shield and all the remaining pot, but still even when I was just doing the same thing over and over again, mistake still happen sometimes that at some point I wondered if I can really make it.

AT LAST, I get it down to 0.5mm HP and do a kick (furiously kicking in my imagination), killing it...I'm telling you I really felt like cheering/crying at that moment...T_T

But well...when I got back to the NPC again, it's still telling me to kill that boss with a kick to earn that title.



...Luckily, later I found out that the quest is kinda glitched, I couldn't finish it until I relogged.

So then, after a hour's raging I finished the quest, but I no longer feel joyful anymore, I just have a thought in my head: "Finally, peace..."

This soloing so making me remember the old day in Lunia, but I don't think I have ever raged so much back then...

As for the 2nd thing that stressed me today? That will be in part 2...

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