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Posted 01-31-2009 at 10:44 PM by bahboh
first blog in the history of my life and such a pitiful subject. >_>
well i have a significant other, but she's incredibly pushy and naggy. she alllllwaaaays wants me to be with her. frankly i find her incredibly annoying. she has her good points, but its hard to see those very often. i wish she would leave me alone. and i cant even ignore her because if i do, her parents and probably my parents would get rather upset with me, her parents especially, they will punish me if i dont take care of her. i ought to be the the dominate side in this relationship, but she manages to always pull me around by my nose. gash, i ought to be owning her; unfortunately, she owns me a lot of the time. i remember back in highschool, she wasnt so high maintenance. could spend periods of time without her, and the times i needed to be with her, the i didnt need to focus juust on her. i could easily do other things and it would be ok. siggggghhhhs. freaking hw, how dare you take over my life like this.

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