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Spending money, what items are actually worth buying?

Posted 09-26-2012 at 04:33 AM by Azumarill
What I come to think about...

Well, I am not rich. So I can't buy whatever i want.

These would be items I usually spend money on, well... stuff that I would buy:

-Skin care products (Creams, masks, washing gels and such as...)
-Make up (Such as nail polish, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, perfumes yada yada yada...)
-Food (Fast food such as burgers, sushi, pizza or whatever, sometimes a baked treat such as a cupcake)
-Accessories (Earrings, pocket-watch, necklace... small stuff like that.)
-Books or Manga
-Games (NDS games, well... pokemon.)
-Virtual On Trickster (MS pts)
-Clothes (Hard to find... i like those special neat looking ones that normal shops doesn't sell)
-Special items (it can be whatever uncommon, such as concert tickets or whatever)
-School stuff? (Paper, note books, erasers, pencils... I somehow LOVE to buy these kind of stuff)
-Random (Stuff I buy randomly... cause they seem neat)
-Cell phone fee (It is very cheap tho...)

These are pretty much the stuff I buy.
And when I think about it... more than half of them are just useless crap!
So now I have decided to cut down, or just stop buying them. At least for now.

-Skin products;
I will still buy them because I care for my skin. But still, I am going to eat a healthier diet, exercise more and try to minimize on products.

I still like to buy clothes, tho it is difficult for me to find. But clothes is to me, worth spending on. I feel happy and wearing pretty clothes boosts my confident slightly.

-Special items;
OK here I was thinking about concert tickets. Going on a concert is probably one of the things that makes me the happiest in life. This is a case when money actually buys true happiness. x.x

It is OK to buy, quite fashionable. But... still not that useful. I already have plenty of neat accessories already and I tend to just stick to one pair of earrings anyways. x.x Yeah I get lazy to change.

-Make up products;
I have thought about it. The only thing I will buy would be eyeliner. And that is ALL I need.
Foundation does make the skin look nicer and flawless, but it also frickin' destroys it, more or less. Wearing too much make up isn't real beauty. And I realize it. So no more whatever it is... only black eye liner! <3

-Manga or Books;
I still like that kind of stuff. But books can always be borrowed at a library. And manga can be read online. Where does all the free space come from? My bookshelf is getting full. So maybe cut it down.

At least too much fast food. NO!
Being a glutton isn't cute and will never be, and the day you end up getting plum and fat will be the day you commit suicide. Ok, joking... But well...
Even if I love eating fast food, especially fried stuff. It is not healthy. So I will cut down on those. But eating something yummy makes me happy still. :3

-Random Stuff;
I will try not to buy stuff on random impulses. Cause I would not need them most of the times. And they just pile up at home...

-School Stuff, well... note books and stuff;
Not so useful, unless I write in them. So no more of those!

-NDS Games;
Lately I've been debating where to buy a new 3DS or not. Together with the new PkM Black/White2 and Pokemon rumble. 2 really neat games that I want. But on another thought. NO! Playing those is a waste of time and it is time to grow out of it. I still have my DSLite so yeah... :x

-Virtual Items;
OK. I have been playing Trickster for a long time. And I know that I've spent quite a lot. Especially now when I play so many accounts and buying MS for all of them...
But what do I actually get? Nothing... really. Sure, it is fun to play and having my characters look nice and be strong. But what more is there to it? Nothing. AT ALL! 0!
I will just end up spending more time playing an online game... and what do you get from playing an online game? Well... nothing! Maybe it is fun but... there are other fun stuff to do. Always been debating to quit or not. But it is still kind of difficult to leave... So I guess I'll be cutting down on the spending here. Simply


I end up with plenty of money left, if I quit buying those useless stuff. Pretty good! :3

If I ever get rich tho, I wish to donate some money to some poor country or something... well I will not think about it for now since I ain't rich at the moment...

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  1. ahh, the golden phrase

    "if I had money"
    Posted 10-10-2012 at 04:12 AM by Nikeos Nikeos is offline
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