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Still Bored... (My Fuse Collection Top 10 in Bulk)

Posted 09-09-2012 at 03:55 AM by Azumarill
Updated 09-09-2012 at 03:58 AM by Azumarill
I feel bored still. So I am making a new list.
This time I am making a top 10 fuses that I have in bulk, meaning that I have more than one of it. I try to get many of these because I really, really like them!
The list is determined by numbers I own, looks, rarity and value.

Innocent Glasses #1 Own: 4
I bought so many of these because it was really difficult to decide which character gets to wear them. It eventually became too expensive to buy...

Tsunami Cape #2 Own: 3
The same reason as Innocent Glasses. This cape is my favorite. And I love blue, glowing... I don't think I will get more of these. Too expensive.

Aquarius Spear #3 Own: 2
One of the nicest looking 4G swords. It looks more like a cane to me.

Silver Light Sword #4 Own: 3
The one item that glows the most! I don't like the cane from the same set. I love the sword so much I have decided to get 3 of them! (But I think 3 is enough... I doubt I will get a 4th.)

Hawaiian Glasses #5 Own: 3
I bought these because Innocent Glasses were too expensive. Yes, as a cheap replacement. But to be honest, they look very nice also. Especially if you are wearing some red equipments.

Aquamarine Headdress #6 Own: 2
I like blue things, and this head gear is the neatest looking after Earth Charm!

Sweet Bonnet #7 Own: ~9
Yeah I have a whole bunch of this hat. And I will never sell a single one! It is just too pretty! I'm actually not sure how many I have of this hat...

Heaven Headpiece #8 Own: 2
I am lucky to have 2 of these. I don't think the boxes will get re-released like the others. Since this comes from a new year box.

Trainer Hat #9 Own: 2
Quite a neat hat. But it doesn't work well with fox ears. And that is the only problem I have with it.

Swirly Glasses #10 own: 2
I love these glasses, they don't look 'nice', but they make you look like a fun dorky thingy. I bought the first one and traded for the second.

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