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Latest Korean Patch Worth Reviewing

Posted 01-30-2009 at 10:05 AM by boomsticky
Was surfing through the Main AO Forums and found this thread: [url=]Viewing a thread - Interesting latest patch from Korea[/url]

[quote=Translated by Shiho]Korea got another update recently, and there were a few things that caught my eye.
(Source: [url=]인간과 세상을 닮은 게임 : 아틀란티카[/url]...)

Birthday System
- Originally, this would level your character up 1 level on your character's REAL TIME birthday, but it has been modified to level up ALL characters within your party.

New Nation Dungeon - Alcatraz
- The nation which holds control over Vancouver will gain a key for this dungeon daily.
- A rare gun can be obtained from the reward box for clearing the dungeon.

New Level 115 Scenario Dungeon
- You can use an item to reduce the damage from mobs in this dungeon.

Mercenary Hire System
- You can hire mercenaries for FL from Proximo near the Rome fountain. You can only hire up to 2 mercenaries at a time and their skills can be modified from Proximo.

Free League
- All monetary rewards have been doubled.
- Lower division XP book rewards have been modified.
Div 18: 1 Regular XP book
Div 17: 2 Regular XP book
Div 16: 3 Regular XP book
Div 15: 4 Regular XP book
Div 14: 6 Regular XP book
Div 13: 8 Regular XP book
Div 12+: No change
- Reward for participating in a weekly championship has been increased to 1 Atlantis Gold Coin.
- Reward for SPECTATING a match has been added. The reward is based on the division of the person you spectate, and you can only obtain this reward 10 times a day.
- Turn time limit has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds(!).

FL Balancing
- Positive magic on your allies accuracy has been increased greatly.
- Mana Shield will now activate on a % rate, but the healing has been increased greatly.
- The influence of gear has been slightly decreased, and the HP and damage boost at lower levels have been slightly increased.
- Guns and Instrument accuracy has been increased, and Instrument damage has been slightly increased.
- Judgement from a Nike scroll's damage has been increased.
- Ranged damage on melee units have been slightly increased.
- Melee mercs magic damage has been increased, while staff mercs magic damage has been decreased.
- Magic damage as well as any def/atk debuffs have been increased.
- Blood Vengence's AP cost and mana cost has been increased, and the damage incurred on your allies has also been increased.
- Toxic Sword's AP reduction has been decreased.
- Awakening's heal has been slightly increased.
- Hero Michael's Speed Cast's AP gain and heal at level 1 has been modified.
- Confusion Scrolls in PvP now take 3 turns to activate.

- Nation Level system has been changed to a new system.
- All nations will be reset to level 1.
- Clearing a nation/guild dungeon or winning wars will get your nation XP for leveling the nation.
- Only nations above level 5 can use King's Judgement.
- A Nation Storage has been added. Items won from KJ will be stored here. However, if this is full, you cannot gain any items from KJ. The storage size will depend on the nation level. The storage can be access from Caesar.
- Guild/Nation Dungeon GP rewards have been increased.
- Guild/Town Quests XP and GP rewards have been increased, and new styles of quests have been added.
- You can only use a Manager's Scroll 5 times in one day.
- GP from guild crafting has been slightly decreased.
- You can now view your referrals from a new menu accessible via Community > Referrals
- Referrals will no longer give points upon registration and will begin to give points after they hit level 30.

Mount Storage
- If there is a mount in your mount storage, logging in daily will give you AT Points.

- Quest items now have a Q on their icon.
- Every 10 books traded or boxes opened will show you the amount of boxes/trades you have left. At 10 or less, every trade/box will display this message.
- Guard Towers and Generators in Guild/Nation Dungeons drop list has been modified to match the midboss drops for that dungeon.
- Buff books from Babel, Ghost Ship and ??? have had their expiration times removed.
- Monster Seed quest item from Cannoneer quest line drop rate and amount has been increased.
- Immortal Heart quest item from Dark Archer quest line drop required amount has been decreased.
- Fausta's Hand Mirror description has been changed.
- Minimum level to gamble from De Mere is now 20.
- Stormbringer's Freezing Vortex spell activation rate has been increased.

- Medicine can now craft a new item called Origin of Darkness, and the new item used to reduce damage from mobs in the new level 115 scenario dungeon.
- Crafting ingredients for Shogun to Nosferatu gear has been modified.
- Colorful Fabric crafting ingredients have been decreased.
- Imitation Oriharukon now gives 2 per batch instead of 5. (Whether the ingredients have been changed to match this, I'm not sure.)

- 2 new low level quests have been added in NE Asia.
- A new sidequest (Lv. 59) has been added near Baghdad.
- A new sidequest (Lv. 98) has been added near Frozen Adlivun.
- A new title, Victorious, has been added to Thalia's list. (Level 70+
- A new NPC, Riddle Acong, has been added to Rome's entrance.

- The patcher has been improved.
- The betting limit on a single bet has been increased to LVL X 500k.
- The number of items you can sell in the market increases at level 90 and every 10 levels thereon.
- Wildcat will now exchange level 70+ max enchant gear.
- New York and Vancouver are now biddable.
- You can now choose to hide your weapon.
- You can now view the full details of a monster from Field Info.
- Challenge button will no longer flash while in battle.
- My Store categories are now alpha-sorted.
- Market and My Store price check windows will no longer overlap.
- The XP obtained window while in a party has been modified.
- The popups displayed during battle has been limited.
- The scroll-move with same character bug has been fixed.
- 2 new loading pictures has been added.

- Low difficulty bosses have been buffed. (Dracula, Naraka, Minotaur King, Oda Nobunaga, Salamander, Raheth, Urd, Verdandi, Skuld)
- Nation Boss of Ghost Ship has been changed to have his attack based on the number of mobs surrounding him.
- Yggdrasil gnomes and trolls have been buffed.
- Sedna's Max HP and MDEF has been decreased while her basic attack has increased.
- Giustiniani's spell has been changed and his Max HP has been reduced.
- Marksburg Castle's Sorcerer(?)'s magic has been changed.

- A new region for the entrance to the Titan Server has been added.
- Rome has a new region called the Library, where Shakespeare will reside.
- Game performance in battle maps have been improved.[/quote]

Very interesting patch that the Koreans added. One thing that stood out for me was the mentioning of New York & Vancouver opened for town bid. Knowing the English AO version, Vancouver does not exist as a town yet. So, more towns heading our way? Maybe I should (or someone else) find their previous patches to learn more. I also noticed that there will be some buffing on the some of the low level bosses, which I believe will be nice and would promote greater challenge for players. The last thing I would like to mention about is the birthday system, which seem reasonable. More perks for high level players I suppose.

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