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My Blog will hold either freestyle writing, thoughts I have or just rants if I have ranted to much in one week. Enjoy
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Grand Fantasia

Posted 07-22-2010 at 11:12 PM by Ashie
A friend sent me a msg just a bit ago asking where I had been. and then proceeded to ask me why didn't I play GF with them, and why didn't I make a account to help them with the event when it opened up.

So I'm gonna explain here.

I was asked by ALOT of my friends to join up on GF, make a account and they could try and get that prize. Each time I was asked I said NTY. Then got bombed with "WHY??"

Here's your answer.

A few of my friends KNEW I was working with Aeria Games as a 1:1 Ticket GM at the time. When GF was finally out of Beta they picked out the GMs for that game. I was one that got picked. I wasnt allowed to tell my friends because well..the common OH YOU'RE A GM FREE ITEMZ PLZ and ect. I also couldn't make another account to help with that event, just cus my friends asked.

After the event we were allowed to make a diff account to play on as A GAMER. And I told a few of my friends " I'll wait till this event is over ya know?"

Sad thing I never got to GM in that game because my husband dropped my laptop and it wouldnt turn on =(. I was honestly looking forwards to GMing in GF because DoMo 1:1 was easy, and I rarely logged my GM account in the game, only for snipe hunt ( Yes DoMo had it 1st) but my GM name was short lived. And the only other time I logged is when we forced gamers to log off before we did a maint.

They probably do this to you im GF. They tell you when Maint is and tell you to please log off 10 mins before servers shut down to avoid glitches with accounts.

Some users dont listen and will sit in the towns trying to get stuff done. Thats when the GMs step in and start summoning the most high powered monsters we can think of to raid the town and kill you till you log off.

Trust me I had it happen to me on my main fav pet died alot >< =(.

Was the only way to get the users to listen because there were issues and if one account messed up we had to rollback.

But I am really not sure if the do that in GF if they do. I'm sorry but dont afk in a town before a maint cus no where is safe.

But sorry to all my friends who thought I didnt wanna play GF with them, heres my reason why.

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  1. Mitchi's Avatar
    I never knew that actually. I'll admit I'm one of those people that habitually will stay logged in until I'm kicked (in EVERY game I've played). I honestly never knew it caused problems.
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 11:37 PM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  2. Shiki's Avatar
    Mitchi: Try Trickster next. You don't even need to be logged on to be glitched. :3.

    And here I was going "Aren't you slow to be playing GF now?".
    Massive fail on my part. XD. At least now some misunderstandings you had with your friends are cleared :3
    Posted 07-27-2010 at 08:33 AM by Shiki Shiki is offline
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