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Cherry lake and (slightly) beyond

Posted 01-02-2012 at 04:02 AM by Archae
Its been a long time. After finishing the white tiger quests, I fought kappas. In the beginning just for the quest really. Well I found a self pointing guidebook and other useables but they failed. again.

I levelled up. Darn the fairy, I could never catch the screenshot in time.

Sold my roast chestnut. Yes this is significant. Good bye... roast chestnut... You are just a little bit less important than a free consume slot.

Are roast chestnuts....The price to pay... For a free consume slot?!?!?!?!?!!!!

Then I did the most interesting quest, Heinkel need it! It was easy and the exp was pretty decent.

Defying gravity. Everyone could do it.

Ho ho, I finally got that picture of the fairy. and I levelled up.

Man, mages sure have it hard. Look at my pathetic self. It may be even faster to grind on warrior kobolds than this so I gave up at my 7th wisp.

Fig2012.01.02.1 Giving the village up, letting it down, turning around upon it, deserting it etc etc

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