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Life is difficult.

Posted 07-24-2012 at 03:35 PM by Almora
My emotions are in a mess right now. Blogging is the only way I can get some of this stress out. I don't have any close friends I can go to and cry on their shoulders at the moment. They're far away and I don't want to be a bother just spilling this whole baggage onto them. I don't want to rant, but I guess I have to. Today I am more angry than depressed. I don't know if I can ever look at people the same again, much less trust them.

Yesterday, I cried a river. It's the first time I've cried in a long time and I prayed to God for help. I was scared, angry, weak and my world was broken in a million pieces. I'm having a really hard time with my family right now. My family and I were threatened by that one tenant I talked about in my previous blogs. I HATE him. I wish he would just DIE. We treated him like family for these 10 years, and he back-stabs us. I'm not going to give out all the details, but my family told him a very IMPORTANT and HIDDEN secret that we never tell people. It's not something that involves a crime or anything, no no. You can figure it out if you're following politics. Anyways, this tenant used this secret to threaten us and my dad was furious. Long story short, I ran out crying trying to hold back my father from beating the shit out of this piece of scum, good for nothing coward. And during this time, he hid in his room like a coward and turned on the TV acting like it wasn't a big deal after LITERALLY DEGRADE my father and our whole family. He even said, "Calm down, enjoy a cup of coffee." I WANT TO KICK THIS GUY IN THE GROIN SO BAD and shove my foot up his ass.

I was woken up at 10AM yesterday to screams and cursing. It was the worst thing I've EVER HEARD in my whole life. Not even the homophobic comments I've had to experience in my whole life matched this. The tenant said:

Tenant: You piece of garbage. You garbage eater. I OWN YOU. I OWN YOUR FAMILY. I OWN THIS HOUSE. YOU M.F. YOU F'er.

My father was just ready to kill this guy. The tenant kept repeating all these degrading obscenities. That was only half of the comments he made. The other half I can't say out loud because it's very private. You had no idea, it was beyond horrible. I have never met such a twisted and sick person in my life. I was just there in tears and I wanted to rip my heart out and die in that moment. The things he said and threatened us would destroy our 10 years of hardwork here. I spent HALF my life here in the United States. THIS IS MY HOME. I'm not ready to let this piece of dogshit ruin my life, my family's lives.

A few hours later, the cops came because of "disturbing the peace." NOW, I don't know exactly if this tenant actually called the police or the neighbors did, but I highly doubt the neighbors did since this tenant is a lying piece of shit that needs to get run over by a truck twice and tortured. I HATE HIM. I want him GONE. He even HAD THE NERVE to lie to the cops about not "pushing my father down" and feigning innocence and acting the victim. I'VE HAD IT. This guy is sick and beyond messed up, he can't be saved. He even said he "cried himself to sleep" because my father refused to put more locks onto his doors. I MEAN ******* REALLY? A FEW DAYS AGO I ****** HEARD YOU ******* SNORING, having a SWELL ASS time, GG. I want to smash this guy's face. This all started because this idiot of a shit sold a car a few days ago and refuses to put the money into a bank because he "hates the government." He wanted my dad to install a freaking lock on his door, which already HAS TWO ****** SECURE LOCKS. He's been living here for 10 ****** YEARS. We haven't TOUCHED HIS SHIT OR STOLEN ANYTHING. THIS GUY JUST MAKES ME WANT TO CUT OFF HIS ****. We have done everything to accommodate his living conditions, provide all the necessary essentials and he can do anything he wants in this house. He's ******* paranoid as hell and thinks that he's going to get robbed. We trusted him. Now he turns his back on us and threatens us and even said that he OWNS THIS HOUSE, HE OWNS ALL OF US. I'm JUST SO FREAKING DONE.

He HARASSED MY LITTLE SISTER and THREATENED TO PUNCH HER ON THE FACE one time, he starts up all this shit with the neighbors and with our other tenant, this guy has some SERIOUS problems. My little sister is only 16, SHE'S ***** 16. He's 60. WHO DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS, WHAT GIVES HIM THE RIGHT TO BEAT A LITTLE GIRL, WHAT THE ****. He has anger issues and he gets "butthurt" when people try to tell him what to do. He acts like a victim which he clearly HAS DONE SOMETHING WRONG. One time he got into a car accident and friggin' smashed the sink into pieces in his bathroom THAT MY FATHER HAD TO FIX AND PAY FOR. We're not even controlling him, this ****** shit can't and WON'T take orders from anyone. We've already told him MULTIPLE times to CLOSE THE ******* FRONT DOOR when he goes out. THE ******* front door is ALWAYS left open, OPEN FOR ANYONE TO COME IN our house and flies that lay eggs in our food; this guy doesn't care and is SLOPPY as *****. Then when my father politely reminds and asks him to close the door when he goes out, he says, "Don't get on my case." How can someone be this stupid?? I don't ******* get it.

I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with this guy. This guy is ******* SICK. He ******* watches porn and leaves his DvDs out in the ****** open. I'm TIRED. AND he even WENT AS FAR AS accusing me of "making a move on him" to the cops and that he doesn't feel "safe" around me. I'm SO ******* DONE. I NEVER, tell anyone, NOT EVEN MY CLOSE ONLINE FRIENDS about my personal life much at all. They know this. I don't go in depth about anything because I don't think they need to know, unless they ask or whatever. ANYWAYS. I am transgendered and this ****** douche bag HATES ANYTHING that has to do with gay people. HE ****** thinks that ALL gays "hit on" straight guys and that they should just die. I'M SO ******* DONE. Sorry, but the LAST TIME I CHECKED, YOU'RE ****** 60 AND you're a ***** SICK PERSON. And for ANYONE who believes that everyone gay person acts like that and "hits on everyone they see," SORRY BUT THAT'S COMPLETE BULLSHIT and GO DIE. The thing that got me beyond furious wasn't the fact that he was lying about me coming onto him, but the fact that I'M ******* 18 years old. I HAVEN'T EVEN LIVED YET and this guy wants me to ruin my ****** LIFE. My mom called me later and told me not to pay him any mind and my dad WAS BEYOND FURIOUS. My dad even told me that it was ******* ridiculous for this shit to accuse me of something I NEVER EVEN DID and even to go as far as wanting to RUIN my LIFE and send me to jail. My dad was hurt even more by this guy seeing as how he poured salt over the wound about my sexuality. My father has had a VERY HARD time accepting everything ever since I came back from the hospital because of my 2nd suicide attempt in my senior year of HS in winter break after I came out to him. He HAS COME A LONG WAY and has finally accepted me. I love him for that. He's accepted me, but this piece of shit EVEN WENT AS FAR AS USING CHILDREN to hide, is just ******* UNFORGIVABLE.

My older sister is not living with us atm, and she was in tears and pain when she heard all this. She wanted to quit her job immediately and come home to help us, but my mom told her it's fine and we can deal with this. I nearly died of heartache.

NEVERTHELESS, we CAN'T ****** LEGALLY EVICT this shit because of his threats and we're living in fear. My family's days are numbered. I'm just so ****** burned out, I'm giving up and the only thing that's keeping me together is my precious family.

I haven't been able to sleep well at all lately and I don't have an appetite. My father is even worse, he hasn't been eating much at all. His face is painted with full of pain. He's trying so hard and I can see it. I saw him cry yesterday. My father is a very strong and RESILIENT man, he's a good father and ALWAYS DOES HIS BEST in providing for our family. He's a hard worker. I was crying with him yesterday because he was so hurt and worried. This tenant flipped all of our worlds 180. He's beyond redemption and I hope karma will pay him a visit soon. Even if I die, I will ****** come back and haunt him and make his life hell.

We can't kick him out, we can't do anything to him. Life is so difficult, I want to give up. Thank you for reading.

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  1. mamoru's Avatar
    I hope things improve for you
    Posted 07-24-2012 at 04:10 PM by mamoru mamoru is offline
  2. Almora's Avatar
    Thank you a lot moli.
    Posted 07-24-2012 at 11:37 PM by Almora Almora is offline
  3. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that and it sucks that there isn't a way to evict him without getting yourselves in a bit of legal trouble as well. Is there any way you can possibly use the other tenants to help evict him without putting blame on you? I'm not really knowledgable about the legality of the situation, but I'm sure there's some kind of a loophole you can jump through that would help you guys out.

    Best of luck to you and your family.
    Posted 07-25-2012 at 07:58 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
  4. Almora's Avatar
    There isn't any other way besides the court option and we can't do that. And he hasn't really messed with the other tenant so we can't use him as an option either.

    Thank you, it really means a lot.


    He apologized yesterday, but I sure as hell don't believe a word he says. I've been around enough people to know when someone is clearly lying straight out of their ass. The image of a grown man(my dad) crying in pain and heartache keeps replaying in my head over and over again. My father treated him like a dear brother. Now we're just living in a very neutral environment, and we're letting things cool down. If worse comes to worse, we'll probably have to sell the house and move somewhere else.
    Posted 07-25-2012 at 09:39 PM by Almora Almora is offline
  5. R's Avatar
    I hope things get better for you and your family, Christy. It really makes me sad to hear that you all are going through this.

    I don't understand how people can do such a thing. He's a terrible person and I hope he gets what he deserves.
    Posted 07-26-2012 at 02:14 AM by R R is offline
  6. Almora's Avatar
    Thank you a lot Josh.
    Posted 07-26-2012 at 10:18 AM by Almora Almora is offline
  7. Bliss's Avatar
    Even though you dont know me, know that I'm praying for you and your family. Good souls dont deserve to be treated that way. God bless.
    Posted 08-02-2012 at 04:18 AM by Bliss Bliss is offline
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