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About my experiences on public parties and party lists. <UPDATED>

Posted 02-12-2009 at 12:37 PM by Allea
Updated 03-23-2009 at 01:24 PM by Allea (Updating current experience)
Hey there! It's me Allea from lunia, and I'm posting my first, now updated blog about lunia obviously, and this one is about public parties/putting level restrictions.

First of all I would like to say is that people can be picky on whom they want to join now these days considering glunia has Dacy and Yuki, both are mob controller and high dps (damage per second) respectively.

Secondly whenever I find parties on the party list system (not including recruitment or trades in the 'wrong' places), it seems to be for raids there's almost always going to be a higher level limit than what the raid is looking for (ie: ghost/sai raids going for level 50+, when it's level 41+); this goes the same for 6-10L parties and certain apocrypha/bonus parties as well which I know can be a bit frustrating of not having to be able to go, and do stages with your guildies but is that the reason why you would put such obscure level limits and so on? Or rather, is it mainly for slightly higher DPS?
This doesn't apply to everyone but, it does to some.

Also about class discrimination I can see why people need certain classes for some situations but I mean Tias, and Siegs are being hated here and there at times. Same thing goes with Limes/Dainns to some extent because they are NOT Yukis and/or Dacys. Also kicking out an Eir that joined a party of 4 (or 5 for myth) which has an Eir in it already. In reality maybe people should give these parties a chance, there's really nothing to lose though as it is. Not too sure on Kriegs because I haven't partied with a lot of them but then again they're kinda scarce like Tias.

About AFKing, whenever I afk at a boss stage people seem to be mad about me (which is understand-able) but at times, many people don't seem to realize that life is more important than games and for some they tend to be more EXP hungry (honestly I'm EXP hungry too but if someone needs to afk or brb suddenly then I could understand)... Sorry about that one, it is just that I get so uptight about it myself...anyways I do AFK but only after a stage run now.

About Myth and x-10 EXP increase again: Now it seems that most raids are dead because of the fact that it's absurdly easy to get to level 70+ before doing myth because x-10 stages have been buffed in EXP...and even some myth parties are going too extreme N> 1100+ STR if Dacy and 1500+ STR for other characters (not common) and mainly people tend to put more than level 70 as a minimum...(even upwards to level 75+ which is more common) I find that too many people only care about speed...I mean if that's your idea of fun go ahead but all you're doing is putting down even more first timers which of course will create even more higher level noobs because of some people already did this.

About the equipments, end-game: well the bonus 1 and 2 light blue named equips are too easy to get and therefore eliminates the need to craft for them...and most people go for those equips these days but I still see some use L. Drake which is almost as common but it's not easy to get at least and same with few using eternal flame + moon card...seems to have overran the market of equips greatly.

Ending my UPDATED blog here...maybe guild only activities is the solution but I hate to have to restrict people from my parties because it's wrongful and etc. So post your thoughts here and so forth and I'll try to reply.

Please note that this is only my opinion on what I think is happening to Lunia and with the new changes coming soon I can't say that it'll make things better rather, and this is coming from lots of is already clear that it'll become worse and worse.

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