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[7] Yawwwwwn!

Posted 04-01-2011 at 08:09 AM by Adun
2 million years later, a blog post.

I got a job delivering papers. Graveyard shift. 6 days a week. Hardly any sleep. Ayup. Why am I posting this on April Fools Day anyway? 'Cause it's a new month, I guess.

BTW, ponies. If you haven't noticed. That is all.

Can't believe I never got the time or the balls to work on an LP yet. It's kinda tough though when people in your house are sensitive to unnecessary noise, which is plenty of what I want to incorporate into my LPs for the lulz. Maybe I'll get my time to do so later in life. There's ALWAYS later. Not because I don't want to but because I can't right now.

Cool story ahead, by the way. I made this mod in Starcraft II beta which was to remake all the Starcraft: Brood War campaigns and make them playable in the new engine. Well, I managed to get as far as completing production of Episode I: Rebel Yell and then a beta patch was released which broke it. This guy (Jones313 @ SC2Mapster) comes out of nowhere a year later and totally remakes it using Maverck's awesome SC2:BW mod and I fell out of my chair.

My mod went completely unnoticed last year and that was probably because of the time I released it (beta) when nobody was actually playing the game. The Starcraft remake project is now probably one of the most popular Starcraft II single-player campaigns out there right now and I can take pride in that. GosuGamers wrote an article on the mod and the mod even spawned a large thread on Reddit.

He's handed the baton back to me since I offered to complete production of Episode III and the Brood War episodes. If anybody is interested, follow my page on SC2Mapster!

Also, here's the links to Episode I and Episode II project pages, respectively. It's pretty exciting to be taking part in a project of this magnitude and I'm going to see it through to the end if I can. Episode III's development will be started by yours truly sometime this week. Should have started last week but I have had a pretty rough week adjusting to my new sleep schedule (if you wanna even call it that >_>) thanks to my new job and didn't have any energy to commit to map making.

That aside, I was thinking of starting to blog on just video games in general again and not just Touhou like on my old blog. My latest attempts haven't gone too well but no better time than now to start trying to respark the effort. I don't know what I'm lacking to blog efficiently. Commitment? Free time? I'm not meant to write? I don't have a clue. Either way, we'll see about starting that up in the future.

God I'm exhausted. Just gonna chill now, get some Coke, play some Fallout 3: GOTY.

Peace out, bros and bronies.

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