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Blog 3

Posted 07-26-2010 at 04:58 PM by Adun
So here we are, third week of the blog. Lots of happenings this week. I am considering going from weekly up to twice a week.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is being released today! I can't wait to get my hands on my copy. I pre-ordered from a Swedish gaming store back in February (got a beta key too) and they will have it mailed here. I have no clue when though. I'm not anal about playing it on the first day, so I can afford to wait. I just hope they send it within the first three days. Otherwise, I'll be pretty dissatisfied. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty setting. I haven't found SC:BW to be extremely challenging, so let's see if this is a big step up. I'll be shooting for achievements along with Light. He might get a big head start though due to him getting it on the first day.

Started playing Alien Swarm! It's a blast and I get to see lots of old faces again. I've been playing it with DarkRayne, Google, JC, and a few others. Haven't spoke to them in over a year so it's welcomed. I've managed to unlock a load of achieves for the game because I'm such an achievement hoar. Only about 13 more out of 64 to go. We've cleared all the speed runs last night. It was pretty challenging to work them out together, but it's a great feat that we can put behind us now. Next we'll be attempting to run through on Insane difficulty and the no death run.

I've started playing the Xbox 360 again. There's a load of games I need to play that I own. I've finished a playthrough of Infinite Undiscovery on Normal mode, started a Hard mode play and nearly got to the final dungeon. I was tempted to start playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope instead and put off the Seraphic Gate in IU until later. Going for a 100% run on Galaxy. I'll provide more details of my run later.

Let's just say I'm making checklists of everything, and playing really slowly. I managed to get characters up to Level 30 right after the Lemuris. I'm overpowering everything the game is throwing at me at the moment. We're talking about having 3000 HP and enemies only dealing 0-9 damage. Yeah, it's that bad.

That's all I have time for now. Until next time.

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