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Posted 07-08-2010 at 07:03 PM by Adun
Updated 07-08-2010 at 07:08 PM by Adun
Let's try this again. I need to blog. I have bad commitment to these things. It's always something that lasts somewhere between a couple days to a month. Fail.

Starcraft II Beta Phase 2 is back. So many things have changed and it's awesome. Can't wait until the game is finally released on July 27th. Add me and let's play, dammit. IGN: Adun.826

I reinstalled Photoshop CS2 on my laptop to make some basic gifs, like my Coopa avatar and a funny relevant scene. Too bad I can not become proficient enough to make some great quality images for the SOTW, even though I took like 3 years of computer graphics.

Yes, I watched Tower of Druaga. All 13 episodes of the first season in one sitting. That shit's pilot episode was hilarity and it gripped me for the rest of the season, even though it started to get a lot more serious near the end and the humor took a backseat. Hopefully the second season will be just as good. It's not the BEST anime ever but it's got personality. I made sure to watch both opening episodes. One follows the delusions of the main protagonist, Jil, and the other shows what really happens while Jil is dreaming.

Considering installing Flash 8 again and perhaps contributing to the Art thread, if Flash animations are passable. I have no idea. I'm not a good artist though, so it's probably not my place.

I haven't touched my PS2 for a week already. Crap, I was just about to finish Final Fantasy X too. See above regarding lack of commitment. I'm at ***gy Seymour Flux at Mt. Gagazet with about 23 hours of gameplay. Very fast this time through. But I can't beat him. He's such a pain in the ass with Zombie + Full-Life and Cross-Cleave one-shotting me. I'm going to have to grind a bit because I'm too weak for the battle. A guide actually suggested that my Shiva's overdrive should be dealing about 9999 damage, but mine don't do over 6000. lol

Still have a headache after 7 hours. It's never been this bad. I've tried all kinds of remedies and things that weren't remedies.

Gati is out of town until August. It's really boring here so I'm trying to do everything I can to remain occupied.

Meh, don't feel like writing more. Until next time, whenever that is.

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