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Posted 07-07-2010 at 03:00 AM by Adun
Prompt: Misguided
Title: Nightfall
Fandom: Original
Genre: Adventure/Horror
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The lost youth finally can go home.
Author’s Note: Yay for more writing. The story continues and takes an unexpected turn.

The voyage contines, with the old man riding the wanderer towards town on camelback. As night falls, the sun continues to sink beyond the horizon and the sky is slowly veiled in darkness, lit only by the pearl glow of the moon.

The geezer lit his fifth cigarette and took in the smoke, exhaling it out of his nose. ”We’re almosht there, shonny,” he said.

”I can’t wait to go home and see mother again,” the youth said. He looked down at his right hand. There was now a paw there, claws sharp as blades at least a six inches long. His voice became demonic in nature and he sunk the blades into the old man’s neck, covering the geezer’s mouth with his left hand. He wailed in pain, but could not make a sound. ”I can’t wait to see mother again. I can’t wait to see everyone again.” The monster took command of the camel and continued to trek towards the town, dropping the old man’s corpse onto the sand behind him. His arm returned to its normal form as if nothing had ever happened.

Arriving at the town outskirts, he walked passed the guards, who were convinced he was just a typical traveller. ”Naive fools,” he muttered. ”They would never expect that they just sealed the fates of thousands in this town. Victory is mine!”

The town was quiet, the people slipping away into slumber, to rise again the next morning for their monotonous, daily, routine lives. The people of the town owned homes in poor shape, the weathered sandstone buildings and roads were a testament to that.

He dropped the camel off at a nearby inn then slipped into the alleyways. There were a group of delinquents loitering there. ”Hey, little punk. Get outta here before there’s trouble.” The thug wrapped up his sleeve.

”You don’t want to get in my way,” the monster replied. ”You will pay for impeding my path.”

”Smart talk for a skinny, little bastard like you,” the thug retorted, unsheathing a knife.

The monster’s formed into its true form of a werewolf and the thugs gasped in terror at the horrendous transformation occuring right before their eyes. ”Let’s get outta here!” two of the thugs started running for their lives. The monster took a giant leap over the men in front of him to land right before the fleeing group. ”O-Oh shit!” they cried.

This was all they could say before they were ripped asunder by the beast’s enormous claws. It let out a vicious roar at the surviving thugs. The monster charged forward, ripping his way through the remaining victims, their guts splattering, painting the adjacent walls crimson. ”Hey! What’s going on back there?! Show yourself!” A flood of guards entered the alleyways from all sides. However, they found nothing but flesh and bone spread all over the ground. The beast had vanished without a trace.

Upon a rooftop, the werewolf transforms back into a human. ”This city will burn by morning.” He laughed maniacally at the imagined fate of the helpless, slumbering town.

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  1. iFarted's Avatar
    I hope someone in town has a silver bullet :x
    Posted 07-10-2010 at 06:23 PM by iFarted iFarted is offline
  2. Adun's Avatar
    I'm afraid not. q_q
    Posted 07-11-2010 at 11:43 AM by Adun Adun is offline
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