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It are blogging with insanity and random.
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O ho wat is this?

Posted 01-26-2011 at 02:41 PM by 7hatGuy
I can assure you all that I am STILL ALIVE. On the outside, but on the inside I'm as dead as a caveman in today's modern age that isn't associated with Geico or any other commercials that make cavemen seem smart.

So yeah, it's been a few months, maybe, since the last post, so life is boring and so is school. Speaking of school

Professor Failgood or: How 7hatGuy almost failed Two College Classes

So even though I'm in College, the stigma of putting work off till the last minute still stuck with me from high school. Now, as anyone in College knows, this is BAD. "But hey," I told myself. "I work great under pressure, I'll do fine!"


Yeah, I did alright with the homework... until one of my Professors completely messed the turn-in dates for homework. Which, for some strange reason, avalanche into other classes and then it kinda went steady steady downhill from there...

Now for me, I have a good test taking sense. So doing well on tests helped a bunch. And that was awesome. And then I saw my grades before finals.

Two of them were below 70.

"TWO?!" the college student reading this might have exclaimed in their head.

Yes, two.

Now now, rest assured, somehow in my worst class, I got the 2nd highest grade for my finals in it. Try figuring that one out

*Fast forward next semester*


So I'm back in another math class, I haz English (seriously, I'm a techie, I hate English even though I have a knack for spelling and what not), a physics night class (mmm... physics...), and then two programming classes.

Programming (1)
Assembly Code Programming
-What does it mean? It pretty much means working with the computer at the absolute bare minimum and lowest level, aka the registry. So it's kinda interesting, but having to figure it out is a pain!!!!!! one

Programming (2)
Intermediate Computer Programming (or something)
-YAY! The actual programming class for my major. After doing C++ last semester, we're working with Java now. As I sat in the lecture, I sat smugly in my probable vastly superior Java knowledge since I had an AP Comp Sci class on it x_X

Ok, boring school stuff is done. Let's move on to other interesting stuff


So the past two Thursdays I was driving was... interesting. Mostly because on both of them I went off road into a snow bank. I think I saw once (holy crap, penguin is hard to see with a black background), but I'm not sure.

Result? I'm skiddish for this Thursday/Tomorrow since I'm paranoid I'm gonna crash again. Seriously, having to dig yourself out of a snowbank on your birthday isn't fun. Oh yeah, my birthday was last Thursday, give me a cake plox

But thanks to some extreme karmic bonus, I somehow managed to avoid hitting trees both times. By like, I'm sure not even a foot. Looking at the tracks from the 2nd one, it seriously looked like I was going to hit a tree. Oh karma, I don't know what I did to please you, but please don't leave, I need you!


Animu news...

Nothing interesting. Haven't had any free time lately.


Touhou News

Umm... yeah. See, I haven't played in infinity + 1 years. Well, it seems that long since I'm sure I would crash and burn right now. And that's bad.


The fan in me refuses to die. As a result, I'm constantly looking for new doujins and constantly looking at image databases for Touhou images.


Umm... I can't think of anything else. Oh wait, I know.

3rd class in La Tale \o/

Thanks to Sansan for helping me do the 2 dungeon/group quests orz


The Troll with 7 Hats, signing off!

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