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I are fail at serious blog

Posted 10-21-2010 at 07:21 PM by 7hatGuy
Updated 10-21-2010 at 07:50 PM by 7hatGuy
Here's my future prediction of me making a decent somewhat serious post

Serious win: 0
Serious fail: 1,293,712,841,234

Curse you predicted fail!

So anyway, like I mentioned on the previous one, I had a thought for a post but I didn't feel like reworking/vising/<whatever> the post to include it. So I said I'd make it here. Huh, I think there's 1 fail right there.

It never really occurred to me before, but while watching an anime online, it kinda smacked me in the face how various media invokes emotions, whether it be aware of unawareness. Huh, that word doesn't seem right but my spell check hasn't lied to me yet (except for anime, it lies about that).


Relax, I'm getting to my fail.

Anyway, while watching anime, I was half aware of the fact that it get's some emotions out of me. I curse it for that, but meh (fail 73 for those keeping track).

Bear with it if you don't have a taste for anime, I gotta do it since it's part of this post.

While watching one of my animes, it was an... "emotional rollercoaster," and I'll leave it at that.

Here's some backstory for this example.

Guy moves away from home town since super srs stuff happened. Leaves behind a bunch of friends. One friend was really close (girl, obviously), and they had a secret mailbox which they sent letters to each other.


Ok, that's kinda nice and feel good. Fast forward 5 years, he remembers everyone EXCEPT her. Ok yeah it's a **** move, but she gets over it and they reconcile. Now he did something to piss her off (again) and thinks there might be an answer in the mailbox. He get's an idea, go check it out!

Oh, wow, she obviously missed him, but hey, it can't be that-

...oh. That's... not good

Honestly, no lie, when I first saw the note with HELP ME! sprawled all over it, I seriously went "holy ****ing shit". I was seriously surprised/shocked when that happened, it was essentially someone throwing a fastball right into my face while I was sipping wine.

I'm sure I wasn't sleep deprived at that point, so the reaction was genuine instead of being influenced by sleep want.

While on the point of emotions being influenced, here's another one(s).


I watched all of those. Eagerly. KEY's works are practically tear jerkers incarnate, and I feel something tug at my heartstrings EVERY TIME I watch one, and yet I can't bring a tear to my eye.

Now I always read numerous comments about people getting teary eyed when they think about music/scenes. I would be one of these but in all honesty, the only time I ever got teary eyed is when I was sleepy and blinked my eyes and they went all wet.

And there are people I've heard that nay say them, saying that they take cheap shots at scoring easy emotional points. To them I say: "So what?"

I can't really make a counterargument for it, since as I stated before, <fanboy>.

Let's move onto a more audio aspect, music!

Next one I'm going to point out is music. Obviously everyones got their "I listen to <music genre> since it beats out everything else". For me, it's a heavy preference for rock. But I also dab in others as well...


Try these on for size. I'm Touhouing it since they've got a freakin' huge amount of remixes

Listening to it now, I'm staying away from my preferred bullet this time

If you knew the band, you'd laugh at the really, really, REALLY weird juxtaposition


Sup dawg, I heard you like rave

My taste in non-J music has been diluted due to fandom. I hate me for that.

Have some Queen to balance it out


Pumps me up

Now, everyone's got their personal tastes, and while I'm generally open to music, I despise country.

I don't know why, but there's something about country that just makes me not like it. Do I know why? Not really.

I'm running out of steam! Need... more... powah!

Ok, the steam power is obviously not there right now. I don't know, I think I'm not good when it comes to sticking a time restraint

The fail is up to 1,293,712,510,927. Stop counting nao, I'm doing it for you. I don't know, it might have made you think a bit about how whatever you play/watch/listen/<is there anything else?> affects what you do.

Oh, and if you want a reference for how stuff like this affects people, ask zgmfx19a how he feels about the current plot so far in Yosuga no Sora (he's mah anime buddy T_T )

And the tally!
Predicted fail: 1,293,712,841,234
Final fail tally: 1,293,756,249,987


Knock knock...

Dark Samus is coming for me and my fail

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    Dark Samus will get yoooooouuuuuuu
    Posted 10-21-2010 at 08:58 PM by BriGuy92 BriGuy92 is offline
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