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It are blogging with insanity and random.
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It came from my brain!

Posted 10-16-2010 at 12:57 PM by 7hatGuy
I can't think of anything witty for a title today. I think I'm losing my touch.

So as I'm sitting here, I'm looking outside at the leaves on the trees right now. It's like, a myriad of colors if the colors fell in the range of orange/yellow, gold, maybe a touch of red.

*looks outside*

Yep, there are touches of red out there, had to make sure and that I wouldn't be lying, because no one lies on the internet.



So I've been absolutely bored lately. Which is bad. This has led to me wanting to playing WoW again. Now at this point we go to two roads:
  • For those who know, you might be asking "well why would you want to do something like that?"
  • For those who don't know, I had a 4 love affair with WoW, which is... not good. At this point, I doubt my computer could handle it.
Now I could go back to playing older games from days like the NES and SNES because I've been having a major case of nostalgia lately and yeah.

Oh, and my friend loaned my Kingdom Hearts.

Let's just say that I shouldn't even though that game anymore, since I tooled it to max level/stats on expert with all but ONE red trinity mark.

Now I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2.

I miss my massive amounts of tooling

But I will say that it's in about the same league with the first one, my only gripe is the fact that I can't switch locked targets unless I unlock then relock. GRAH


And as I'm reminded, I usually tend to incredibly over-think how well I'm doing in my classes.

For instance, in my EL-101 class (Introductory to Circuit Analysis), I was pretty sure I was completely doing bad in that class. Like, failing class bad.

As it turns out, I pulled my over thinking tactic and was paranoid and worried for nothing. The lab writeups we do count for a majority of the grades, test/quizzes aren't as bad if I don't think too hard, and I'm only like, 1 assignment behind instead of the 3-4 I thought I was.

Paranoia, why do you do this to me?


And on to my obligatory Japan part of the post.

So I've been preoccupied with not-anime-watching, which greatly saddens me because I theoretically have alot of time to watch some, but I just haven't. Why?


It sucks, because I've REALLY been meaning too lately but I just can't make myself. Oh dear god, what is happening to me? T_T


And for my Touhou rant, well, there's just not much on that front. I think I've lost my touch being so out of date, and that somewhat makes me saddened.

I was hailed as the Touhou god amongst my group of friends (only 5 of us, but still!), mostly because I was the only one who could beat one of the games on Normal without a continue. You know how much that sucks?

It sucks a lot.


That's it for this one. I think this one was missing some of my trademark insanity, so you'll have to deal with it <_<

Oh, and I'm planning on doing another post sometime within the week. Now you might be saying "You? Giving a time frame? What is this madness?!" Well it's not madness, I was actually thinking about it during this one but I can't fit it in this one without having to make a 2nd post (I hate doing that, it's awkward).

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    How would you feel if your cake suddenly turned into fire?
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