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I, Omina, run this blog to talk about my feelings, how the day's been, all that good stuff. Especially now that the demon is gone...
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Feb Choas over, Anime & Game time!

Posted 02-21-2010 at 06:17 PM by 7979789Omina
now that the tide has cleared, I've gotten addicted to another game. A Nintendo DS game by the name of Etrian Odyssey II. I had played the first one for a long time when I borrowed it from a friend a few months ago. Then I saw this sequel in the store and was like "Why not?"

Of course, that got me totally hooked on the game to the point of addiction. Idc though, I enjoy it a lot.

I also got Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3, its interesting, though I feel stupid at times and gut stuck for a bit on a simple task. Eh. I get to the game every once in a while, but mostly my eyes are glued to the DS screen while I grind & listen to my CD player at the same time [mostly to break the ice after listening to the same song over again.], its ever so much fun.

And Anime addictions. Since I made it to Shugo Chara Party [Which sucks in comparison to the previous 2 seasons which were complete awesomesauce]. I decided to move in to my next anime. Clanned. I hadn't seen it before and decided my ever so repeating thought of "why not?" so I'm hooked on it too.

So... lets see here. I'm addicted to a dungeon crawl rpg, music [I think everyone is addicted to music. If you're not I feel very sorry for you.], and an anime at the same time. Joy!

Until next post.

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