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The taste of failure.

Posted 07-29-2013 at 11:47 AM by kmelfina
It's been a while. Time to catch up:

1) Sophmore year done. Made new friends, joined new clubs (Scholarship club, Yu Gi Oh Club).

2) Just got into Yu Gi Oh, a friend from SMT: Imagine stated that he went to Dueling Network from time to time so I tried it out. *I <3 FAIRY DECKS*

3) I made new friends, and found a hang out buddy (I thought he was kinda cute but he's super tall and has the voice that reminds me of Mr. Slave from South Park). We decided...
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The air is so wet

Posted 07-29-2013 at 04:45 AM by Mahiyain (Mahiyain's BLOG!)
The Air Is So Wet Walking Or Running Drenched In Sweat Is The Everyday Norm Here Didn't Think Growing Up With Hurricanes Would Make Me Used To Typhoons ! Beat That Island From Another Surrogate Country Losing This Much Weight At An Alarming Scale Couldn't Be Healthy Lets See What My Brain Can Do Reading Words That Seem To Be Another Language , But It All Seems The Same To Me We Are All Humans Aren't We. Why Are We All Dressed The Same Why Do We All have The Same Hair Reasons Unknown...
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#whoops #loljk

Posted 07-22-2013 at 09:54 PM by james (Ramblings)
so today i missed the first day of stats because my alarm was set to pm instead of am so i overslept. at first i was just like **** and then immediately i was just like

and then that reaction was exacerbated by the fact that i noticed that A's were 86% and that's like 8% less work i have to do.

my spanish prof said he doesn't hand out A's easily. im going to fake rock his world.
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