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Catharsis 03-22-2011 12:50 AM

The Fashion ENVY Thread
Found a fashion item you would kill for?
Shoes that you just gotta have, but they frickin' don't deliver to your country?
A bag that you want to buy but can't scrape up the cash for it?
A really cool jacket that your friend wore to school, and wish you could just grab and run?

Take a picture and post it here! We can all stare at it in envy, and together wish we could have it (but can't).

1. It's not yours.
2. It will not be yours for a loooong time.
3. It must be a "fashion item." (Interpret that however you like... Some people think gold-plated iPhone cases are fashion accessories.)
4. You can take a photo, or get the picture online (e.g. online stores, blogs etc).
5. Describe briefly, in one line or less, why you can't have it (so we can all commiserate with you).
6. You can only post one Item of Envy at a time.


Okies, me first.

Okay, so I'm usually more of a 3-inch-heels-daily person, but there's something about these that I LOVE. I don't even know what to call them...
Espadrille-Brogues-Trainers mutation? They're fricking ugly and gorgeous at the same time, ugh.

Why I can't have them: They're Prada, and worth three months of rent.

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