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11-30-2010   #21 (permalink)
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amputees is on a distinguished road

I'm a Californian so I don't really know a true winter but I recently picked up a jacket from Forever21. Can't seem to find a match on the website though, but it's quite similar to this jacket, but longer. Not too warm but okay for now.

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11-30-2010   #22 (permalink)
i dont even...
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got my jacket on monday, pics up soon
12-05-2010   #23 (permalink)
gah lol
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i have trouble finding a coat for years :x

i dont really need a jacket.. since i live in California plus they are ugleh ._. (to me anyways) i have like a elbow length nice coat and all these cute sweaters

ive been looking for something like what amputees posted but there is always something wrong about it.. be it the the back looks..the length of the sleeves..the length of the coat or something in the front appearance.

Sometimes i see the perfect cote but....its a size SMALL all the other sizes disappear fast since many OTHER people are not a SMALL as well...

oi and found one today in Walmart out of the places LOL it has a nice front.. a pretty back and its long sleeve + warm

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12-16-2010   #24 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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betical is on a distinguished road

OoO,,yours all look chic,and i happened to see a outerwear that really cought my eyes,since i also have somehing to wear in winter,do you think i could get this one either?or i should just forget this one?


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