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Ashie 12-21-2009 06:22 PM

Skin & HairCare With Out The Cost.
This is something I thought I would share with the world since I'm always asked " How do you keep your skin so soft?" or " Why does you hair must spend alot!"

Alot of us don't have the extra money to spend on the hot new things that are suppose to give you soft skin, or the normal blah but in the end you end up loving the product but going broke.
So here's a few tricks you can try!.

Soft Skin

Most people put on loads of lotion to keep their skin soft and healthy, but did you know there's a way to do that without the problem of buying the best of the best?

Your skin needs moisture and there are two simply ways to get it.

In the Bathtub/ Shower.

I'm sure you've heard of Bath-ribbons or something along the lines of that. But they cost a lot, at least the bands that work. So here's a way you can do it without hurting your wallet.

Since while you shower/Bathe your body is soaking up water. If you're like me, you like to enjoy the hot water before you start bathing. So what ya do is this.

1st: Find a cheap hair conditioner, I use Shave in my fav sent.
2nd: Apply a thin layer mixed with water over your skin.
3rd: Sit with it on allowing water to rush over you.

Seems simple right? It is! As you're soaking allowing the water to rush over you, the thin layer you've applied will run down your body allowing other parts to soak it up as you soak.

Make sure you wash your body after you do this, Because if you leave it on your skin, your skin will probably break out due to the oils in the conditioner. More will be said in Hair Care Tips.

HairCare Tips

I don't know but alot of people jump shampoos like the end of the world. Because it promises something that will help them deal with the issues of their hair type. I've tried different brands, like the ones that say "USE FOR OILY HAIR" Or etc. I use works fine for a few days but then my hair is back to YUCK! But the best brand I have found that works wonders is Aussie.
Aussie has diff types for everything, and always leaves my hair clean and nice. Quick and Easy Hair Care Collections for No-Worries Hair

Tricks to Washing your hair

Most people just lather up, rise. and apply conditioner. Thats a common mistake.
If you have oily hair like mine and even if you don't but the get the best performance out of your shampoo, try this.

1st: Apply the amount needed for a nice thick lather.
2nd: Lather your hair up, work it into the scalp as well, going root from tip.
3rd: Rise, lean your head forwards. not backwards, and use your hands to gently wash the soap off.
4th: Repeat this again. Then you're done.

The double Apply helps because the 1st time you shampoo you don not remove all the oil and dirt from your hair, the 2nd time will allow you to get whats left behind. NOTE: If you use Hairspray or any style products, apply a little bit of vinegar to the shampoo and use. Winger will strip the products from your hair allowing the shampoo to work even better.


This one is a slight but trickier but it helps.
NOTE: Make sure you always wash your body last when you bathe or shower. Because washing your hair and conditioning allows the dirt and oil to slide down your body and build up, leaving your skin in the best condition to start breaking out. ALWAYS WASH YOUR BODY LAST! Even after the Soak Method.

Use the conditioner that comes with the shampoo, or if your hair is in need of repair, use one for that, Try using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. Follow these steps.

1st: Apply enough that you can work it into your roots to tips.
2nd. Bend your head over forwards, use your index finger and middle finger of each hand to force the conditioner root to tip, allowing extra to collect in your hand to apply in areas needed.
3rd: Work it in to your head all over.
4th: let sit for 2-5 minutes.
5th: Wash out, using the finger method given about the working. Scalp, just allowed water to flush it and genitally move your hands to make sure all if washed out.

NOTE: Never blow dry your hair after you've gotten out of the shower unless you have Thermasilk. Blow drying, drys the hair and also nulls and voids what you just did. Wrap your hair in a towel and allow it to sit till most of the water is out, then allow to air dry. This allows the hair to soak up the proteins and vitamins in the conditioner. NEVER BRUSH YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE SHOWER! Your hair is at its weakest here, and brushing stretches the hair and allows the follicles to break even causing split ends.


Yes guys you can use this too.

I barely have enough money to spend on shaving cream, and yes its hard for me to see when I shave since I cant wear my glasses into the shower. Shaving cream has always been my answer to that, untill I decided to EF it and try something else.
You can buy a cheap lotion, or use conditioner. Apply to the area you want to shave and go at it!

For the Ladies

I know some of us have tried different ways to get rid of razor bumps but here's a trick that works. Might sound weird but it works.
For that area that keeps getting them. Apply Deodorant.
Deodorant removes the oil from the area not allowing the razor bumps to form. You only have to do this the 1st night you shave, leave it on over night and the next day You should see no bumps that were stressin ya out.

Guys if you have these problem try it.


This is something I MUST have. because well my feet...I walk bear footed everywhere if I can. and I don't like socks so this is a must have for me.
I have trouble finding lotions that dont leave my skin feeling oily or have to strong of a sent. And yes I LOVE VS Lotions and Body Butters, same with Bath and Body Works, But sometimes there stuff is just to highly priced. But if you can spend the extra$$ Buy Body Butter. Its thick lasts a long time and will heal you up quick. If you can't get this. JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion. Yeah I said it. This don't leave you feeling oily and has a nice soft sent. Plus it don't break the bank as well. Also don't use it every hour of the day. Use it only right before you go to sleep. Your skin absorbs more when you sleep, so always apply lotions or anything like chap-stick or acne meds right before your sleep.


People use this to remove dry and dead skin from the body or face, to help inprove the health of skin. Most common ones are St. Ives Medicated and a few others. But Some people don't have the money so here's a few to try.

Corn Mill.
Mix with water or a soap and apply tot he body, if you have sensitive skin use baking soda. Baking soda is a exfoliate, but its softer on the skin and works wonders. Soaking in a bath of water and baking soda also helps hydrate skin as well. And all of the above are common house hold things that don't hurt your wallet.

Tips on washing your face

One common mistake is CROSS CONTAMINATION! Thought it was just for food huh? Nawh you probably do this every time you bathe and didn't know it. What C&C is in the bath is you use the same bath cloth or Poof for your body and face. And thats a No no because you're just transferring dirt and oil to your face. Also bath cloths don't really clean your face, same as poofs and if you use your hands then you pretty much burned yourself. What I would recommend is this- Go to the store and buy baby wash cloths, the fabric is softer and you'll be able to wash your face better with these. If you cant get those then use this. Baby Wipes. Yes I said it baby wipes. I use them for my face and face ONLY because I can reuse one baby wipe up to three times for my face and I can recycle them as well. And they're cheaper, you can get 500 baby wipes from a discount store like dollar general , Family Dollar for like 3 bucks. And all you have to do is leave the package open so the "wetness" from them drys outs.

More Uses for Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes are my MUST have, just like my lotions, I replace most of my hand lotions with baby wipes because they're made for babies which means they have all the stuff lotions have in it in a neat little wipe that don't leave you greasy. I also use them for "cleaning" when my Aunt Flo deices to come and vist. Cus we all know girls feel the "Un-freshness" and begin to worry.
So Yeah 8D Try it out like I said 3$= Like 500 Its worth it.
Well if you have any questions or tricks you might wanna add, go ahead. If this guide helps ya rep me. If you want me to try something tell me and I'll give ya my results on it.

Face Peels

Not sure if any of you know what this is, but you can go to a spa and they put this stuff on your face that when it drys you peel off and it removes black heads and other gunk. You can buy this at a store for like 4$ a bottle and say you use it once a week bottle lasts maybe 2-3 weeks at max.

So here's another strange thing you can use.
After washing your face ( make sure you exfoliate as well to remove dry and dead skin, also helps remove the top layer of grit in your pores allowing that stuff to adhere better.)

Steam your face- This is simple just put a pot of water on to boil and as it steams place your face over it, this allows your pores to open fully. Be-careful tho steam CAN BE HOT! Pat Face Dry.

Next get a bottle of Elmers Clear School glue. Yes GLUE its about the same crap they place in that bottle for 4$.

Apply to face, Do not make faces, keep a simple no emotion face untill glue drys, then make all the weird faces you want.

After it drys remove it buy pulling it off.

you will notice after you pull it off and look at it things that were clogging your pores will be stuck on to the glue.

there may be a few bits left so wash your face again, which you will have to do anyways. And see how smooth your face is.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes/Bags Under Eyes

We've all heard of cucumbers under the eyes, yes it works but they are not always in season.
One thing I have found that works is...Tea Bags. After you brew a pot of tea, take the tea bags and place them in a ziplock bag and place in the fridge. Allow to get cold and then place over your eyes.
Tea has herbs and alot of good things for your skin and can help remove dark cricles from under your eyes and the puffiness.

Simple Acne Help

Alot of the products that help to treat acne can really dry out the skin. Some people use alcohol to help..but that can dry the skin out even more.
So I have two things that will help.

If you have acne all over simply use Witch-Hazel. Its a simple product that isnt as harsh as alcohol. And will help re-new your skin. Make sure you wash with a gentle soap or exfoliate as well.

The second is for problem area or "Random zits"

This may sound REALLY strange but it works.
I have a problem with a spot showing up and its really oily and can leave my face scared.
So my step-dad ( Yeah my DAD) told me to do this.

Place Toothpaste ( No whiting stuff!) on the area.
Cover with a band-aid. And go to bed.

What Toothpaste does is dry up all the oil as you sleep, also breaks up what ever has your pore blocked.

Weird huh?

Also Quick Fix for oily skin. If you happen to have a really oily day and dont want it to happen again but you don't have any products...use mouthwash. Yeah I said it. Mouthwash has the same stuff that acne meds have. But I would prefer a Cool Mint, because it leaves your face with a nice cool refreshed tingle.

Nail Care

I used to have a problem with biting my nails due to stress. And if you have the same problem I have a few tricks for you to try.

1st- Paint your nails. Put on thick coats. Why? When you get the urge to bite your nails, instead just pick the paint off. This stopped me from biting my nails.

If that doesnt work try this.

There are companies that make a bitter tasting nail polish. And Yeah its YUCKY!
I'm sure if you bit you nail and got a yucky taste that would detur you from ever wanting to bite them again.

Help Nails Grow stronger
This is a simple trick, my nails used to be really flexible and they broke really easy.

All you have to do is, take a nail buffer and buff off the top layer of your nail. For some reason it allows the nails to grow stronger.

Also eat Jello. Jello tho made out of some yucky things can help your nails become stronger.

Filing your nails

This is sometimes a BIG UH OH, because people will get a Emory board and file the sides of their nails.
If you do this remember file up. Not up and down.

Filing up and down causes the nail to split and when the nail breaks you can have nasty hang nails.

Pushing back cuticles

This is said to make your nails grow faster, but in fact it only keeps the nails looking healthy. Only push them back once a week.

Nails to Grow Faster

There are some products that say " WILL GROW FASTER" but most of them don't work at all.
But if you want something that will help try this Mane 'n Tail Hoofmaker 6 oz. Hand & Nail Therapy.
We used it on our horses to help their hoofs but it can also be used on your hands.

All you do is apply to your hands and nails and rub in.

Professional Fake Nails

I'm highly against this, because yeah they look pretty and I used to get them to help my nails grow, but after they would come off, I would have this dent in my nail and it took 2 months just to go away ( Alot of nail breakage)

Its okay to get it done maybe three times a year, but its not that good for you. It can cause hangnails and can even allow infections to get into your nail bed. Plus the pressure they place on your nails. Not just the nail its self but the person who preps your nails to be "fakeized". It will help your nails become stronger but at a coast of the dents and deep scratches in your nails.

So if you want fake nails without having to deal with the dents and stuff, Just get press on nails. Its better for you and easier to take off.

Removing Fingernail Polish

This is simple. Make sure you only use the type for your nails. If you have on fake nails use Non-Acetone. I use Non-Acetone no matter what, because Acetone can remove oils from your nails making them feel brittle. If you have FAKE nails and want to remove them. Soak hands in a bowl with Antone Nail polish remover. Takes about a hour for the nails to fully dissolve.

Facts About Nails
Your nails are at their weakest after you have been in water. I.E, Washing Dishes, Taking a Bath, Swimming, ect. So try to avoid things that would more than likely break your nails.

Mashing your nail and there being a blood sore in the nail bed means you will loose your nail. This isnt true, tho I hear it all the time. The only time if you mash your nail that will cause you to loose it is when you damage the whole nail. Trust me Im accident prone and have and have slammed all four of my middle fingers in car doors.

Biting your nails will cause you to get worms. this is true yet false at the same time.The Only way you will get worms from bitting your nails IS if you play in a litter box with a Non-wormed cat. Pick up dog poo and the poo gets under your nails THEN you bite them.

Nails and Hair grow even after you die. This is false. The only reason it looks like that is because when you die, as you decompose your body looses the water it retains, Making Hair and nails look longer.

I hope this guide helps and saves you the extra $$ You need.

I Will be updating this from time to time when I try something new or discover something Keep a eye out for it, Subscribe to it if you have to Lol

Need Hair Dying Tips? If So look Here!

A Older guide of mine that I need to finish but if you wanted to know tricks of the trade there ya go!

Jessica 12-22-2009 12:25 AM

This helped. *_* I was doing two things that weren't good. I always wash my body then my hair..this explains why I always break out on my back/shoulder area. And I also almost always brush my hair out right when I get out of the shower, sometimes I'll leave my hair up in a towel, but not all the time. And about after using hair products and your hair going icky after the first few days, a good way to change that is to use two kinds of shampoos, I do that when I have the two shampoos that I like using together. I use one for volume, which is good to use every 3 days since it usually dries my hair out like crazy, then one for super clean shiny hair, which is good for the days between~

But I'm going to have to try the conditioner on the skin, my skin is always so dry, especially during the winter.

Ayumi 12-25-2009 03:57 PM

Shaving with regular soap is a no-no, but seeing as lotion is actually contributing to your skin - it should be fine.

Though, some people actually struggle with greasy hair no matter what they do.
And other people have normal quite shining hair without doing anything than regular showering.

Lushcious 12-29-2009 10:07 PM

I always wash my body before washing my hair.
Maybe I should do the opposite.
And I never tried putting conditioner on my skin, I'll try that too.

Jessica 12-29-2009 11:28 PM

I tried conditioner on my skin and it was soft afterwards. Not super soft but my skin wasnt flaky like usual. **

Tamiki 12-30-2009 01:12 AM

I wash my body when I let the conditioner sit for a bit, then i just bend over and rinse out my hair that way to save time.

I agree with the hair brushing after showering, but if you have to brush your hair, use a comb; it does the least amount of damage to your hair when wet.

Jessica 12-30-2009 01:37 AM

Oh yeah I forgot to comment on the body butter. It is definitely worth the money. But before you purchase, look for some sort of tester first, cause some body butters are over oily and leave your skin feeling icky.

If your feet feel extra dry some days, or if you have calluses, try petroleum jelly on them, but make sure you cover them. Your feet will be smoother and the calluses will be gone within the next few days to a week depending how bad it is. Petroleum jelly is great for more than just that, it works wonders on the lips. Whenever I use it, the next night they're soft and if I had cracks or really chapped lips, they're really relieved the next day and they heal much faster.

ZeR 12-30-2009 02:39 AM

I've been trying to find a new shampoo and ironically Aussie is not sold in Australia.

Alectric 01-19-2010 06:19 PM

you should never use anything buy shaving cream to shave your legs (or other shaving products) Because it can seriously irritate some peoples skin and make red bumps worse than normal (if you have them)

PedroRomero 01-22-2010 11:58 PM

one day my friend saw me furiously wrestling with a matted hunk of my way too long hair. she gave me a lesson in hair care that stuck with me to this day.

for people with dry hair. If you have dry course hair and it's curly you probably know by now you dn't have to wash it so much! But here's somehting you might not know:

There are conditioner only hair washers that don't use harsh chemicals to clean the hair. Harsh shampoos over clean the scalp and strip the hair of natural oils which causes the scalp to produce more oil.I know some may feel put off by not using a shampoo (even though it's proven to work) so there are other ways to get it clean without damaging ur hair.

When you wash your hair you can just focus on washing the roots, massaging your scalp rather than all of your hair. The run off will wash out all of the dirty and grim as it goes down. The harsh detergents in shampoos can damage to already fragile dry curly hair. I dunno why curly hair is prone to that but it's true.

Anyway also when you shampoo do not pile all of your hair on your head. That tangles and can break your hair as well. When you condition also it's more effective if you segment your hair to allow the conditioner to each part.

When drying your hair do not rub vigorously and pile your hair up either. Pat it dry by wrapping the length in a towel.

when u brush you hair part it into sections. if you try to comb your wet hair all at once it will stretch and break.

uh that's it

Ashie 02-04-2010 11:10 PM

Im really glad you guys liked this. Sorry I havnt been able to update this because shortly after I posted this my husband dropped our laptop and broke it Haha. We're working on getting it fixed and Im using a friends atm for work. But I will tell you this.

I got my taxes back and was like I need some bath stuff...I bought Assuie And Herbal Essance And well with all my odds and ends which raged from 1-4$ My End Total was 127 Dollars. Was a good buy since some products I just had to have..Like..I like the sent of Coco Butter or Jojoba Butter and Coconuts. So alot of the things I bought were sented around that but yeah 127$ I nearly fell out but as I said it was worth it.

Ashie 02-19-2010 02:00 AM

Updated~ Enjoy~

MintyVampire 02-19-2010 07:04 PM

Girls~it is not suggested to wash your hair everyday unless you have to, because it would dry your scalp, and for some people, their scalp will end up going flaky and causing dandruff.
Also, for those who doesn't shower everyday....IT IS BAD FOR YOU! Your skin would age faster. Once you start showering everyday, you would also be able to see the improvement of the softness of your skin. But if you are those people who shower twice everyday, it is also suggested not to apply body wash, soap everytime (once a day is enough) because it would wash away the natural oil on your skin and leaving your skin dry and flaky.

----Thanks for the thread by the way. Your way of conditioning skin does help! Except now my conditioner always runs out before my shampoo >__>

Edit: Oh, I have a question >__>
For conditioning your hair, why does some people suggest only condition the hair below your ears? Well, I've heard that for people who have very oily hair if they apply conditioner above their ear, it would make their hair even more oily?
Is this true?

Ashie 02-20-2010 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by MintyVampire (Post 1161643)

----Thanks for the thread by the way. Your way of conditioning skin does help! Except now my conditioner always runs out before my shampoo >__>

Edit: Oh, I have a question >__>
For conditioning your hair, why does some people suggest only condition the hair below your ears? Well, I've heard that for people who have very oily hair if they apply conditioner above their ear, it would make their hair even more oily?
Is this true?

Note on the running out before shampoo, Thats why I said put up a cheap bottle for the soak method, you don't wanna use the one you use for your hair.

Also, No this isnt true. People who state that probably don't clean their hair well enough that the oils that are produced are still on the hair when they apply conditioner, that after a day the hair seems even oilier. If you have REALLY Oily hair I suggest that you do the double wash method, then apply conditioner but be scare with it on your scalp, cus some people wash their hair and for get it seeps to the scalp and forget to wash that area really good. And if the problem keeps going on ( Which sometimes I have) Use Premixed Shampoo & Conditioners. That cuts applying conditioners to your hair out.

ChocoKeiko 02-20-2010 12:57 PM

About conditioning only ears and below, it's because the vitamins/proteins hydrates well your hair nearest to the scalp and those benefitials won't get 100% to the ends of your hair, specially if you have long, long hair. This is why the ends tends to be drier than near the scalp. This is my experience working in a cosmetics store :3
That's why it's advisable to cut the tips once a couple of months, it's healthy for your hair~ cuts away the double ends
I have REALLY oily hair and I never have to use conditioner in that area. I just use a mascara once a week to revitalize my hair :D

Also, great thread! I loved all the tips <3

MintyVampire 02-20-2010 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by Lyn (Post 1162029)
Note on the running out before shampoo, Thats why I said put up a cheap bottle for the soak method, you don't wanna use the one you use for your hair.

Also, No this isnt true. People who state that probably don't clean their hair well enough that the oils that are produced are still on the hair when they apply conditioner, that after a day the hair seems even oilier. If you have REALLY Oily hair I suggest that you do the double wash method, then apply conditioner but be scare with it on your scalp, cus some people wash their hair and for get it seeps to the scalp and forget to wash that area really good. And if the problem keeps going on ( Which sometimes I have) Use Premixed Shampoo & Conditioners. That cuts applying conditioners to your hair out.

Right thanks~ I don't have very oily hair myself, but was just curious =x

Haha yea, went shopping today and bought some conditioner =P!
But I was just trying it before, and worked!

Mitchi 02-24-2010 02:50 PM

I got a couple of tips to share that I use

Face (or any other skin with blackheads)

I use a sugar scrub every other night, which is just sugar with a small amount of water or green tea, just enough to wet it a little bit (it will feel like wet sand), too much liquid will dissolve the sugar. You can even add a little honey to it to help with keeping skin soft.

Just dampen your face and scrub gently by rubbing in circles. This will get rid of the dirt and dead skin and will soften your skin at the same time.

You can even use the scrub for the rest of your body too, since sugar softens the skin.

for oily skin

Moisturize. Every day. the biggest reason skin produces so much extra oil is because the skin is, ironically, too dry. So moisturizing helps keep the skin from making too much extra oil. and less extra oil = less dirt trapped in pores.

Ingrown hairs

I epilate as opposed to shaving (actually pulling the hairs out, like waxing or such) but it can leave some really bad ingrown hairs, and can cause a lot of itching, so what I do is use the same sugar scrub I mentioned before.

Just scrub a bit before a shower, and any time after you epilate. You have to keep at this, but it makes your legs soft and smooth and keeps the itching at bay, because there's no excess dead skin to cause the hairs to grow wrong.

tip #2

DO NOT use lotion right after shaving/epilating. This also causes ingrown hairs as it blocks the pores.

Mild deodorant

Some people are naturally predisposed to having sensitive underarms, especially ones that darken easily, so instead of deodorant, you can rub a small amount of baking soda on after a shower. It keeps the odor away and from what I've seen, doesn't clog up the pores. In even helps prevent darkening a bit.

worshiper 07-21-2010 12:31 AM

I read the whole article.The points that you have mentioned for skin and hair care are just perfect for regular health care.I also see the links that you have provided over here.Please do join with us for more such information sharing.

Ashie 07-22-2010 12:58 AM

Both Guides updated @___@ Didn't have much to add but I added a bit.

Ashie 07-23-2010 04:08 AM

Updated again. Added nail care

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