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Eire 11-30-2009 02:24 PM

Free BFH players now majorly screwed over! yay!
BFH has just updated the game with a number of changes affecting BF and VP prices of items. I'll try to sum it up for you.

All VP items are now much more expensive.
All VP items are available for hire for 1 or 3 days (previously 7 or 30 days).
All Widgets have been removed except for the highest level ones.
All Weapons now have a cheaper permanent BF price (sort of good).
Some BF clothes are now cheaper.
All VP clothes items have a BF permanent price too.
New weapons introduced which give a slight advantage over old weapons (+20% ammo +small% crit).
New weapons available for VP, but currently set at 450 for 1 day, 1350 for 3 days.

Well done DICE, you've ruined the game.

I'm lucky enough to have a surplus VP store of 6k, but in a few weeks/months I'll be forced to buy permanent weapons or have to use the cruddy ones.

/sad day

Nihil679 11-30-2009 02:41 PM

I was expecting this to happen sooner or later.

Hurray, majorly ****ed up game is now as bad as any other cash-shop-whoring game publisher.

1350VP for 3 days. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, screw you. Rather sad saying this, but the Commando patch was more pleasing to me than this junk. `-`
So unless we get VP for every point or some retarded crap like that, I don't think I'll be playing again.

Amanda 11-30-2009 02:58 PM

I stopped playing other shooting games 'cuz this one didn't have bs like this.

I'd rather play S4league again.

Eire 11-30-2009 03:05 PM

@dotKaZE, which commando patch are you referring to?

I'm really disappointed with this, I'm hoping they'll see sense and somewhat reverse it.

Nihil679 11-30-2009 04:02 PM

The one with the shitty Troop Trap and OBVIOUS Stealth.

Eire 11-30-2009 04:21 PM

oh ok. Also, the stealth noise was always present, you just weren't listening :D

EDIT: made this with my basic gimpage skills

Nihil679 11-30-2009 05:04 PM

ohgod, I love it.

Eire 11-30-2009 06:08 PM

On another note. I still like BFH, and I'll stay at least until I can try some of this new stuff and then run out of VP. I'll also keep checking to see if they resolve this. It'll be really interesting to see the response tomorrow morning.

zgmfx19a 11-30-2009 06:12 PM

Ahh, thankfully I didn't start this game. Was interested, but mez.

/moves back to SDGO.

Eire 12-01-2009 03:22 PM

Made a jokey vid (5 minutes) about the situation.

Nihil679 12-01-2009 05:26 PM

I lol'd.
Mainly because I despise Keg and never found it useful when I played Gunner, and because people ALWAYS try to snipe with bazookas, so it makes it funny to me.

Eire 12-02-2009 02:24 AM

I used to love my keg+'zooka tactic. I'll now need to fork out or give up the strategy. (I'll probably fork out if they don't revert the prices, but don't tell them!)

HolyAbyssal 12-02-2009 04:05 AM

That's just utterly stupid. Unless there's more moolah+, like no one is going to play >.>

Miyuki 12-03-2009 06:34 AM

Something related.
EA restructures Battlefied: Heroes pricing; fans enraged

Mitchi 12-03-2009 09:01 AM

I should have know. We all know EA is evil anyways. The only game they have that they DIDN'T horribly screw up somehow was the Sims.

I might still check this out, but I'm less inclined to do so, since I'm not much of a shooter fan to begin with, but this game looked fun.

Eire 12-03-2009 01:13 PM

Mitchi, you may not notice it as much if you're just starting. It's just a dramatic change for all those currently playing. However, you may notice the steep pricing scheme. I'd advise you to try soldier and see how you get on.

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