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Dani 12-19-2010 03:59 PM

[OOC] Burning Steel and Blood (REMAKE)
IC thread

In a desperate attempt to regain their paradise, a small group of both demons and angels band together to commence their journey into the Yggdrasil of Utgard, Asgard, and Midgard. Even the near-legendary Akaiito Kagamiya continues to assist even after his own death. Tensions rise in the groups however as they transverse to the center of the trees, but they must do whatever it takes to finally end the curse of the Phantasms, Serena Seraphina, and Dieter Amsel once and for all.

A silent war unknown to many, waged on for a thousand years... Or perhaps even more.

Their journeys finally coming to fruition, the three parties have finally made their way to the center of the world trees... However what they see is a shock to them all.

And it seems of the seven princes of Hell one was never sealed in the world trees to begin with.

"They often say that Gluttony is an extension of Lucifer's hunger for power... In the end they're essentially one in the same to most."

The rules are the same as the first and second arcs of this series. NPCs remain the same as the second arc.

Second arc OOC info

First Arc OOC info

PedroRomero 12-19-2010 05:10 PM

i'm in. most likely will use Mr Buff. Whoops I meant Grandison Yuuki.

Genji 12-19-2010 05:57 PM

Ooh, I'll try to get into this one!

PedroRomero 12-19-2010 06:03 PM

who are these mysterious rp section lurkers!? really. i want to know!

Dani 12-19-2010 06:04 PM

I don't know!

Sandrie 12-19-2010 06:16 PM

I think maybe people are interested but are turned away cause it seems really complicated. (Which I don't blame them, I remember reading the how2rp guide and going ?__? )

Anyway I think about joining this, I'm still not sure orz

edit: e i meant another threda sorry dani

Dani 12-19-2010 06:20 PM

... This seems confusing? lol
Its really just explaining what races there are and a plot summary, lol

Nihil679 12-19-2010 06:21 PM


Marzai 12-19-2010 08:31 PM

Y'know what? I just might be interested.

I remember RPing a long time ago, but stopped due to...heh, lack of (furry) interests. Sounds very appealing to me right now. In fact, I think I'll go draw up my character. -goes to desk-

Would I have to read through your just finished RP to get a hang of what's going on, or would you send me a brief summary of it via PM or...what?

Well, either way it goes, I'll try to keep up and not let anyone down as much as possible, that I promise.

Dani 12-19-2010 08:37 PM

o/ Hey there.

It's entirely optional to read through Phantasmagoria to get a grasp on the setting once they hit Utgard, but otherwise not needed. Just keep in mind you'll probably need to have your character in Utgard in the beginning of the rp for character interaction and you'll be good.

If you have any questions regarding the plot, races, and the like just feel free to drop a PM for me.

PedroRomero 12-19-2010 09:10 PM

fff it you get him as he comes


Dani 12-19-2010 09:14 PM

ohay its grandy

Joey 12-20-2010 12:41 AM

oh shit yes i did


RoflKnife 12-20-2010 01:09 AM


Look who's back, :jj:

And remade too! (Slightly edited, BUT WE CAN PASS IT OFF AS REMADE!)

Also, can we have more than one character? This seems like a good time to get a very solid female one for me down.

Nihil679 12-20-2010 01:18 AM

What happened to no humans.

RoflKnife 12-20-2010 01:23 AM

Reusing from old RP, going to roll with the same backstory. I can just change things around in this remade ver though if Dani doesn't want it.

PedroRomero 12-20-2010 09:45 AM

i like leht. he's cool for a human. lol

i like garbage character

Dani 12-20-2010 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by RoflKnife (Post 1427783)

Look who's back, :jj:

And remade too! (Slightly edited, BUT WE CAN PASS IT OFF AS REMADE!)

Also, can we have more than one character? This seems like a good time to get a very solid female one for me down.


of course you can have more then one character. The limit for this round will be three since dot has three pcs this time around (lol)
If you're going with the same plot you had before for Leht then it's cool, just know people will be freaking out when they realize he's HUUUUMAAAAANNNNnnn

PedroRomero 12-20-2010 10:46 AM

three... cecilia gran here i come. jk

Joey 12-20-2010 11:01 AM

I'll probably just stick with one, a cthulhu monster is good enough. :v

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