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Dani 08-03-2011 12:02 AM

[OOC] Midnight Fantasia
RP Thread

Thirty years ago...


N.E. 260
"Another sky pirate attack?"

"Aye, 'eh've been 'appening a lot, these days."

"What with the current panic from the plague, they really are taking advantage of the situation."

"Aye... Common folk are like flounderin' fish."

In the lone port of Syhi the boats creaked as the gentle evening breeze made the waves of the water come forth. The occasional gull crying in the distance only added to the peaceful atmosphere. As sailors chatted outside the local pubs, wanderers hurrying for inns or their homes passed hurriedly. Even in the quiet of the night the slowly welling fear of the Élivágar's Embrace was in the hearts of many. However, one man darbed entirely in a black cloak that looks as though it has protected it's owner from the elements for many years approached the two sailors who were tending to their ship before entering the pub for the night. From underneath the hood one could see the bright, blazing eyes the youth bore of crimson. His face was framed with red curls that were cropped just below his chin.

The newcomer gave the sailors a slight bow and greeted them, "Good evening, men."

The pair of sailors gave the man a nod. One replied, "'ello. You a traveler?"

The red eyed youth nodded, "Yeh. Do you men know the fastest route to the port city, York?"

"Take a carriage northeast. In a week and a half you'll reach York.. Beware the desert though. Nasty creatures roam those lands."

"Ah.. Thanks." the red haired man turned to walk off in a stride so quick the two sailors didn't have a chance to say anymore to the man.


The red eyed youth was quick to leave the town, but of course he grabbed a few provisions before embarking on his trip. On the outskirts of Syhi waited a lone horse. It's coat was a sleek reddish brown and the look in it's eyes belonged to the wild. The man pat the stallion on the neck and climbed up onto it's back. With a deep breath he looked to the stars and removed his hood to reveal the drooping, pointed ears. Shapes hifting magic slowly unraveled and revealed a pair of horns shaped like a bull's, as well as a black tail in the likeness of the Devil.

Drake Romero felt more at ease in the lands of Midgard, surprisingly enough. However, a mere vacation from his home world Utgard wasn't the reason for why he was here.

The man reached into the bag he brought with him out of town and pulled out a loaf of bread. As he tied up the bag and strapped it to his horse quick, he gave the steed a swift kick and with a whinny they embarked into the night. His job was to study the new illness... The Élivágar's Embrace for the Utgard Royal family. Prince Cornelius was being generous in regards to a reward but it wasn't surprising in the least, what with said illness ravaging both Asgard and Utgard as of late. Even Lady Frigga of Asgard was looking to graciously reward whoever found the cause and if possible, a cure!

After all, the Seven Virtues- the Seven Archangels, have not appeared ever since the events two hundred and ninety three years ago... Though it is evident they are present somewhere in the world... Somewhere. There are rumors that angelic figures often come to people in need, and reportedly they had always been the Seven Archangels according to Frigga. Perhaps they were working on finding a cure for the illness?

Whatever the case, the night was still young and he had to press on to York to catch a ferry to the eastern lands.
Present day N.E. 290


"What do you mean your grandmother came back to life!?" a man nearly spat at the woman before him.

"I-I don't know... Three days after her funeral and she showed up at my doorstep, wondering what was going on."

Sounds like a bad horror flick, the redhead thought to himself as he walked through the dusty, rather deserted streets of the small town of whatcha-mah-call-it. Not like he cared. He was just passing through anyways, Like what was it... Neighbourhood Evil? I don't know. I don't care about zombies. Drake decided to disregard the pair and keep on walking. He needed to find some place selling food or whatever and get the hell out.

The man rubbed his temples and sighed, "She died of uh... Élivágar's Embrace... Right?"

It was that which caused the red haired incubus to stop in his tracks.

"That's right..." The woman replied, "This happened to my friend over in York, too... Her friend passed away thanks to that wretched disease and a week later she's seen walking down the street! It's scary..."

"I heard those who have connections to the people who died of the illness go missing once they've laid eyes on those who were once dead. Watch yourself."

"... Yeah."


Ever since the path to the Heavenly Lands of Asgard and the Strange distant world of Utgard had been reopened, inhabitants of both worlds have entered Midgard. Those who came to Midgard seeked simpler lives, away from the turbulence of their homelands. Though hesitant mankind accepted them, and soon they lived in harmony.

However, word was out that at the same time the Midgard seal had been undone... Six other seals were broken as well... As was the way to Niflheim and in turn the Ginnungagap. Soon enough a plague quickly infected the people of Midgard; angels and demons included. Their homelands were also affected and as a result the worlds were quickly sent into turmoil. Some of the older demons who lived to be thousands and thousands of years old said it was comparable to the devastating Black Plague of the olden Midgard. Soon enough after a devastating death toll the plague (labelled Élivágar's Embrace) faded and people started to slowly recover from the effects the plague had brought with it.

Since the plague had faded, life seemed to return to normal.. But then people began to notice something very, very wrong.

People who died from Élivágar's Embrace were rising from the dead as if they never died in the first place. Their flesh pure and untainted, full of vitality. Naturally panic rose and the undead had been nearly cast out. People who tried to banish those who lived to see day once more were slowly disappearing, reappearing once again acting almost like completely different people.

Now in the present, the fear of monsters of the past now gone thanks to the demons and angels teaming up with the local guilds a new scare arises in the hearts of many.

Another tale of the world, once again written in blood.

And here we are back in Midgard...

There are three four ways you can go about this:

Utgard Missionaries -> You've been hired by King Cornelius to investigate what the devil has been going on in the three worlds and if possible find a cure for the illness known as the Élivágar's Embrace. The name had been coined by a well known doctor of Asgard named Doctor Jeremiah who is still frantically researching the illness.

Élivágar is one of the icy rivers which flows through the Ginnungagap since the beginning of time. The rivers in reality are poisonous and yielded in the creation of the ancient frost giant, Ymir.

What are the origins of the illness? What traits do those effected bare? And why are the dead rising like they never passed on?

That is for you to find out. ( Mostly demons, some humans, few angels)

Asgard Ambassadors -> Representatives of the Seven Arch Angels who lurk the worlds. Your job is the make peace with those of the worlds and try to keep everyone calm. Some have been asked to tend to those suffering from the illness, and even managed to save a few... But no true cure exists yet. It is also your job to make reports to the Metatron. Often split into factions depending on which Arch Angel is leading you (seven factions in all). ( Mostly angels, few humans, rarely demons)

Arch Angels:

Raphael (Romeo in Promise/Paradise)
Gabriel (Teodoro in Promise/Paradise)
Chamuel (Charlie in Promise/Paradise)
Jophiel (Maya in Promise/Paradise)
Uriel (Celina in Promise/Paradise/Phantasmagoria)
Zadkiel (Bianca in Promise/Paradise/Phantasmagoria)

Midgard Mercenaries/Mercs and Guildsmen -> Those of Midgard who pick up odd jobs from slaying monsters to doing errands for regular people. Most often do they end up leading caravans and the like through barren regions like deserts or thick, lush forests. People who are part of guilds are officially registered by the various Dukes who own portions of land on the continents. So, if you finish a job, you earn 75% while you send a small percent to the Duke in charge.

Mercs on the other hand just do their own thing and some are even outlaws. You will take any job, including those that the guildsmen aren't authorized to take.

Both are often hired to hunt down those who rise from the dead, mostly out of the common people's fear.

Some mercs are either part of Sky pirate crews or are ex-sky pirates. (Mostly human, few angels and demons)

Sky Pirates and Bandits/Rogues -> Those who threaten normal civillians by taking advantage of the panic due to the illness threatening the common life of people. Vessels for sky pirates range from the good ol' classic steamopunk vessels from before the demons and angels came to the world with their new tech to advanced vessels (most likely stolen) from the two newcomer races. ( no real race distribution, equally spread out with the three ).

I forgot to mention initially, but you don't have to be completed restricted to these roles. If you want to do something else, ask here or PM me with your questions.


The rules are the same as all my other RPs, and this takes place a fair number of years after the events of the Burning Steel trilogy. This RP will start fairly soon... At least until some spoilers are cleared up in Promise.

If you have any questions just drop some by in this thread.

Dani as Lucem Ferre, Drake Locke-Romero & Larietta Seifred
Harlequin as Anna Faulkner & dat Rune
Cornmax as Olifen THE BLIND & Ahrima
AshLikeSnow as Nicole Dane
Marzai as Finir Penatoba
Nihil7236478236847 as Angela
PedroRomero as Emilio Ayala
Sanichi as France Black de Leon

Dani 08-03-2011 01:14 AM

Also a template which i forgot in the first post:

HTML Code:

[B]RP:[/B] Midnight Fantasia

[B]Race:[/B]  (human, angel, demon [please elaborate on your choice's race traits in the character notes])
[B]Occupation:[/B] (guildsman/merc, ambassador, missionary or other?)





[B]Magic and Abilities:[/B]

[B]Random quirks?:[/B]

Joey 08-03-2011 06:14 PM

Welp here you go


Cornlito 08-03-2011 07:50 PM


Shinkirou 08-05-2011 01:32 AM


gonna be primarily using nicole and kallistos, will post kallistos later.
nicole's history will probably need some reworking though

edit: /forum/
i forgot that i had his profile for this in a notepad somewhere

Nihil679 08-06-2011 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by CornMax (Post 1581616)

Olifen the Blind Monk?
is dis sum kind of LoL reference

Sup sup.

PedroRomero 08-08-2011 03:25 AM

designing my character. what kinda clothes they wear in this time? i guess anything goes?

edit- i'm pretty much done. i just don't have an occupation

edit- also why everyone has white hair...? i meant to ask that earlier

edit- Emilio is back... kekeke. sorry guys

Bandy 08-09-2011 09:31 AM

I'm pretty sure I'd like to be in this one, I just need to get around to (re?)designing my character. ;_;
Pretty busy this week but I'll squeeze it in.

Cornlito 08-18-2011 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Nihil679 (Post 1583173)
Olifen the Blind Monk?
is dis sum kind of LoL reference

No. Get out.

Dani 08-18-2011 08:32 PM

Just asking, but is there any time you guys would prefer for this to start?
There really aren't very big spoilers in this RP asides from some minor ones but I assume you guys may have put two and two together for those ones (from promise/paradise i mean).

Nihil679 08-18-2011 08:35 PM

As soon as you'd like is fine by me.

Joey 08-18-2011 08:52 PM

I'd like to see it start fairly soon lol. Besides the fact that my fall semester will be starting in a couple weeks (relatively easy workload this semester), I'm actually a bit excited to play FUTURE ANNA.

Dani 08-18-2011 09:02 PM

Okay then
i get started on this soon, expect the thread to pop up sometime in the next few days (or even tonight)

PedroRomero 08-19-2011 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Harlequin (Post 1589180)
I'd like to see it start fairly soon lol. Besides the fact that my fall semester will be starting in a couple weeks (relatively easy workload this semester), I'm actually a bit excited to play FUTURE ANNA.

you mean play future-future anna

also what are the spoilers

Dani 08-19-2011 01:57 AM

^ explained on msn for you sob

future-future-future anna!

PedroRomero 08-19-2011 03:09 AM

card games on motorcycles!

PedroRomero 08-19-2011 01:08 PM

why is there no NPC list?

Dani 08-19-2011 01:17 PM

Oh I knew i was forgetting something

I'll add NPCs as we go

Marzai 08-20-2011 08:44 PM

This video is to give a grasp as to what Finir's weapon looks like, how it's sheathed, unsheathed, turned into Sword Mode and Axe Mode, etc. Pretty much, what it looks like in action. You don't have to watch the whole thing:

PedroRomero 08-21-2011 06:31 AM

thanks for the visual aid

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