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pranavraina18 06-09-2010 08:14 AM

can any 1 tell me any way to just download the latest patch of atlantica
manualy the 300mb latest patch is just too much for my connection to download via client so can any 1 pls give me some site or link to just download this patch

ps i hate this patch too many nerfs and too big for me xd

Miyuki 06-09-2010 08:22 AM

not sure whether they did update manual patching via their website nowadays..

pranavraina18 06-16-2010 08:39 AM

sry to annoy ppl again but can any 1 upload the latest patch of 5.8 mb cause i been trying for 3 hrs but its not keeps shutting down after 3 to 4 mb
pls can any 1 upload it so i can directly download it

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