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Javier 08-28-2009 08:27 PM

Moogles Raffle!
Now that our guild activity is over the roof, hosting a guild event is actually a feasible idea. Some of us have been discussing the possibility of hosting a regular event to 1) boost weekly GD participation and 2) improve our members' gears. Hence, the idea of a Moogles Raffle!

So what exactly is it?

Basically, we aim to run Marksburg Castle and Valley of Oblivion every weekend. Moogles that attend these runs, will get tickets in their names entered into a bowl. The more runs you attend, the more tickets you accumulate in the bowl. Once (a) prize(s) is available, a raffle will be conducted, and the people whose tickets are drawn will win these prizes! The event will then be reset, and ticket accumulation will start over until the next prize is made available, and so on.

How are we going to fund this?

Our town is currently giving us a nice stream of gold. While the priority for that money is investment in guild textbooks, we can set aside a small chunk of it to fund guild crafting of rings, equips and such. These gears will then become the prizes for the raffle. Alternatively, those who are willing and able can sponsor prizes as well.

The main aim of this event really is to boost guild dungeon participation. We want as many members as possible attending GDs, so that we can move on to harder ones like Mausoleum or Gold Dragon Cave. This way, we can boost our teamwork skills, get to know one another better, and also generate even more GP so that we can secure our town for more than one cycle. And of course, the longer term goal is to get everyone geared up decently well!

How does everyone feel about this idea? Feel free to voice your thoughts, suggestions etc :py53:

Pharoe 08-28-2009 11:39 PM

I think that is a great idea, I wish I could be more useful in GD though.

Also: rip's nude pics as prize, please :py01:

Shirakani 08-29-2009 04:12 AM

I actually did that today with some lvl80 vit rings that i made, for those that attended the Snake run. It's a good idea, and it gives our low to mid level players a decent helpful boost. As far as guild sponsored rewards goes tho, we'll have to wait till we make a bit more money first.

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