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Default kAO 4/26 Patch

Original Thread: Viewing a thread - kao apr 26 patch notes

Source Thread: 인간과 세상을 닮은 게임 : 아틀란티카

Google Translation

? My Home
- [Go to Rome] - [My Home] Rome via teleportation to My Home shopping can be.
- Roman My Home My Home related NPC that have been deployed in shopping malls.
: NPC [Brokers Kat City] You can buy a house with.
: NPC [hiring manager Alfredo] hiring an employee through the mercenary soldiers, or employees can return to.
Seunggeuphan Robin Hood tactics as hiring a 80-level, Bluetooth, ohyichi, and dark Gyebaek sniper / does not include the warriors of the north.
: My Home Shopping in Rome NPC [My Home Concierge promotes comparison], [Usher promote My Home Boy] through the My Home Guide You can begin your quest.
- My Home on the market that can be installed in fixed facilities that can be purchased.
: A single house can be installed one siseolman.
- [Email Subscriptions] - [Technical Information] in the [Life Technologies] has been added.
: My Home in shopping malls, each life skills can transfer to NPC.
- My Home on the market, some furniture / accessories / Desktop / blanket purchase items that can be fixed.
- [Community] - [My Home] menu, you can view a list of the My Home.
: An eye for granted at home can look at the popularity rankings.
- My Home-related content has been added to the diary.
: Dinner, held the number, the number of recreation buffs acquisition
- [Email Subscriptions] - [Character Info] - [Point Information] on the [My Home Point] have been added.
: [My Home Point] is initialized each day between 06:00 to 07:00, diary activities, additional points can be obtained.
- Rome, shopping in the NPC [pointeuri] dinner items can be exchanged through.
: Guild Points - [guild] of socializing dinner, mentor pupils Point - [priests] Teacher's grace dinner
- My Home via an existing private manufacturing and production studio is in progress, including the manufacture of kitchen and prepared a total of 3 can register at the same time.
- In fact, although other areas such as knowledge transfer is in My Home, features can be used for trading.
- [Game Information] - [Help] menu has been added to My Home help.

? Community: Guild
- Guild production system has changed.
- Guild Rating manufacturing capabilities are available from the guild.
- Guild was prepared to change the launch condition.
: To meet the production levels yujeoman guild can start manufacturing.
- Guild production scheduling capabilities have been added.
: Availability based on guild level guild will increase the maximum number of manufacturing.
(Guild, a level - 1, 60 Level - 2, 90 levels - 3, 105-level - 4, 110 Level - 5)
: Book Guild, manufacturing will be charged at registration. (The registration fee Registration begins manufacturing the guild fund and is paid by his father.)
: Guild, Guild manufacturing production registered a complete character in the finished goods will be shipped to your mailbox.
: Book Guild, suspension or cancellation has been manufacturing production registered a guild character as a material item will be shipped to your mailbox.
: Cancellation and suspension of manufacturing guilds and guild members or subscribers can start.

- Titan guild on the server, such as the following features have been enhanced to take advantage of.
: Contribution of acquired Guild / Guild manufacturing contribution / guild activities will be reflected in the score.
: Guild funds are available to pay.
: Guild-related notifications for messages and notes can be checked.
: Guild using the operating guidelines will be reflected in the guild points.
: Guild buffs can apply the effect.
: Titanic, the guild on the server is displayed as a sign, guild chat, whisper available.
: Titan guild on the server is also reflected in the attendance guild points.
: Titanic, knowledge transfer between the guild on the server is available.

- Guild has changed the time to pay maintenance.
: Game time, one day per month 0 hours 06 o'clock the city has changed the reality.

? Quest
- The screen shown in the upper right part of the Quest list has changed.
: Quest NPC will be shown together with the name and the title quest.
: Quest check mark appears only when the quest part of the mission.

? Magic
- Rusty Axe in martial arts competitions, and Mutu I prophecy, the prophecy of a broken chainsaw damage increased.
- Yeohae red magic, the magic of multi-level limit of blood has been raised (existing 80 -> Change 90)
- Paganini, the amount of the recovery of the purification of the salts have been raised considerably. (Hunting, martial arts competitions, mutujeon applies)

? Monster
- Hohwahoteuk suspicious of the boss gaekjan (normal, magic) damage has been reduced.
: The peak of magyo coriander, magyo howijang, magyo the elders, the best ice cream craze of the magyo

? General
- Celebrate the creative output cache location has been changed to the upper right corner of the screen.
- The interface that represents the shortcut to hide from the Alt + W Alt +4 has been changed.
- NPC NPC is concentrated in the area to be more convenient to determine the location of the NPC text minimap in Rome has been deleted.
- Use some emoticons, emoticons, the other two are seen on the character issue has been corrected. (Swing, Cola, ahing, scrubbed up again)
- Queen's Guard soldiers have been changed behavior.
- Mummy's Curse quest NPC [Mary Etruscan] has changed the face of.
- Some of the equipment box, drop rate has been reduced somewhat.
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