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boomsticky 04-23-2010 03:41 AM

Status of the Guild
So a lot of things has happened, or will be in the near future, to the guild. Here are some of the points:

- A good handful of our members [7+] (predominantly our more active players) are moving to Minerva.

- Due to my now busy life, Zel has nicely offered to temporarily hold GM to give better GM presence to the nation. However, I declined the offer "for the time being". And for other reasons as well, but never brought it up between us.

- The guild has slowly became a greater SEA community (based on activity), with a U.S. GM, in a predominately EURO nation. Sustaining an international guild activity has been pretty challenging.

- nDoors.

Knowing this, what will become of the guild? Considering the good chunk of players transferring to Minerva, the guild is going to be fairly inactive except for during U.S. evenings, which at best 4-6 active players. Gonna be some "heavy" recruiting and probably a mix of player levels.

We're gonna need a new Chief Officer. At the moment, I haven't decided who would take the new position, nor have I even had the time to think about it. If you think you can pick up the task, let me know. It's pretty much Officer access + the ability to town bid.

And as for myself, I'll continue to be the GM of Moogles. I am, however, a lot busier than I was last year. Maybe 1-3 hours play time per day is the best I could do now. I am somewhat exhausted of playing AO as well. Overall, I would not mind passing over GM to someone else in the guild, but I've yet to find a candidate worth considering.

And because of what's going currently going on, the notion of shutting down the whole guild has passed through my mind. I probably would continue to play AO, but most likely as a member to another guild. I don't want to resort to this option, but who knows.

So there's the news for ya. It's based on what I ONLY KNOW. It's 7am EST, I really want to go to sleep, but I had to mention this now since I wasn't able to push this off to the weekend to really think about the whole situation.

I had a late shift + overtime + errands. /falls asleep on keyboarddddddddddddddd

Dook 04-23-2010 04:41 AM

lol you should've rested since the end of our conversation silly fool 8D

Sodacan 04-23-2010 12:00 PM

Fear not, Boomsticky. I shall return soon (tonight or Monday, weekend is pretty full) and be the Chiefest of Chief Officers! I will bring in daily events! Starting with Manthong Monday!

DarkRayne 04-23-2010 01:48 PM

Honestly, this isn't any sort of surprise being that this similar thing happened last year and again, it's just a bad time for most people right now.
If this game required less time to get tasks accomplished, it would be a totally different story, for me. As there really isn't anything I can find to fill 20 hours a day with afk to bother to keep the game running afk.

Javier 04-23-2010 09:07 PM

Yeah same thing happened before summer in the past. I'll be back in May, but will be mostly afk though. Getting harder and harder to find a few hours on stretch to play :/

Shirakani 04-24-2010 05:16 AM

Meant to poast something earlier to shed a bit more light on the whole deal but I never got round to it... so, this is my official statement on it all;

1) The ones who initially wanted to leave were ONLY me and zel. We made our decision, and we are not responsible for the conscious choice of those who wished to follow us. We didn't go 'hey we're planning a coup lets get outta here wanna come?' etc. No. None of that. We just said we're leaving, and people chose to follow. So lets set the record straight and make sure nobody thinks we planned to drag people with us as that is NOT the case.

2) Lack of GM presence. It is a factor. It doesn't matter who's leader, but a guild needs an active leader. No presence means when shit happens, there is no top authority to fix things. I initially asked Zel to poke Boomy to pass GM for this reason (yes, I put zel up to it). I didn't ask myself simply because I'm like Boomy, not active, therefore I am not suited to be GM. The most active person should be GM. As it stood, some shit DID happen, and blew sideways, and it wound up being the straw that broke the camel's back for me and zel.

3) General disagreement and ill feeling towards the nation. This was brewing for a while, and only got worse, IN MY OPINION(and not the opinion of the guild), due to the lack of GM presence. Because we had no leader, everyone felt it was fine to pull shit. Whether you agree or disagree, if we'd been able to KJ a few ppl, the presence of someone with power would have shut a lot of things up. I know many will disagree and say we're peaceful, etc, whatever. Being peaceful doesn't mean you be a doormat. The one and only problem I ever had with Boomy as GM, I will state now for the record, was the fact he was a marshmallow and had no balls to pull the trigger when the situation called for it.

4) Related to #3, eventually being told by the short shits that ran the nation. You guys can hate on me ALL you want here, I don't give a flying ****, but I ain't in the position or the business of taking shit from ppl shorter than me. I have to make enough concessions IRL for crap like this, I don't have to do it in a game. If one of us had had GM position, we would have been able to remind the short shits where their damn place was. Again, wave your banner about 'peace' all you want, me and zel are not doormats, we do not take being walked over lightly.

There are a few other things, but they are insignificant and not worth mentioning. All in all those are the main points.

As far as me and zel are concerned, we are done with Moogles with regards to what the guild stands for within the Illuminati nation. We will no longer carry the marshmallow banner. This time, we are not coming back.

However I will also go on the record and state that we bear no ill will towards any of you, and will remain friends. Feel free to keep us on the crafters list, and if you need crafts feel free to ask like usual, we will not break friendships over political disagreements. If we don't have any of you on friendlist, feel free to add if you still consider us friends. If not, that is your choice.

My last words to Boomy as a Moogle: Grow a pair.

If anyone wants to take umbrage or raise any drama about the contents of this post. PLEASE do not reply to the post, PM ME INSTEAD and we will take it privately. No flame wars leading to locked topics please. This post was made only to set the record straight and NOT to start drama.

TheRhymenoceros 04-24-2010 05:50 AM

inability to KJ shitheads eg; inv Bewitchers in our town, and the general failness of the nation (all the retards, the srsly bad ND times) were big factors in my decision to quit (at least for a while).

ZelosZalis 04-24-2010 07:23 AM

I agree with most of kyo said but I also had something I wanted to add and question about, on the not qualified bit, I was not qualified enough?

I mean I am active, I have the might needed to properly go to bat for our member's issues, so the only thing to me that seemed like didn't work is my post count on here wasn't 8=================D, which to me seemed silly. but regardless this is now pastense, I am done getting this off my chest.

boomsticky 04-28-2010 05:13 PM

So I've been thinking about it for a bit and considering the circumstances I've put myself with, I'm planning to "close the guild" the day before the 2nd town bid date (about 4 weeks from now on) and relieve myself as GM. Meaning, I'm going to temporarily transfer GM to an alt of mine until someone requests to take over the guild, or it disbands itself automatically.

If you're looking to take over the guild, I recommend letting me know via pm, here in the forum. If not, then by in-game mail. We can talk about what the duties are as a GM. Otherwise, anyone whom are active and can delegate well with your own guild, nation(s), and the general community, are eligible.

A similar message will go out via in-game mail.

Other than that, three scenarios will occur:

1. The guild finds a new leader. We rebid on Hanoi and the new leader will re-organize the guild to mostly his fashion.

2. The guild doesn't find a new leader; my alt takes over. I could rebid on Hanoi for lulz and see what will happen from there. Otherwise, the guild will be under cryostasis as long as possible. If no members log on after 15 days, it disband itself. All guild services (e.g. GC) will be suspended. If by chance a number of members wants to run a GD, then let me know in advance. Guild fund will be redistributed to everyone in thanks for being part of a silly community.

3. The guild goes bye bye. I'll try to organize the guild's funds and GP and redistribute to everyone in thanks for being part of a silly community.

As for me, I'll try to move to another guild. It'll probably be a guild within the Illuminati Nation for the time being. Haven't planned that far ahead.

So yup. It was a good run for Moogles under my supervision. I'd say I ran the guild for about a 1 1/2 years. First time running a guild in a MMO as well.

As it's last service, I'll see if I can put up the Cherry tree lol. Maybe in the water? :py01:

Shirakani 04-28-2010 08:16 PM

In light of boomy's above statement, I have a few last words as a Moogle/former Moogle.

Neither zel nor myself intended for this to be the outcome of us leaving. We never wished for the guild to die. However that being said, it was in the process of dying anyway. Moogles was intended to be the 'poster guild' for GGFTW yet after the initial comeback rush, where did all of you guys go? Me and zel were holding the fort yet none of you ever bothered to come on after a while. If anyone is sitting and thinking 'oh it's those two guys' fault this happened', sorry, it's your (general) fault. A guild is held together by everyone, not just a few.

Yes, I'm pointing the finger at ALL of you on the guild roster that never bothered to log back on after a while. It's about the only thing I couldn't say in PM as it is omnidirectional and not at any specific person whatsoever. The ones keeping the guild alive was me and zel and those of us NOT from this forum. For a forum guild, sorry guys, just totally weaksauce.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest...

If boomy does close the guild, and any of you still want to play this game, there is room in Minerva still. Send me a PM or mail in game and I can invite you. However I will state that there is no room for those who are just going to log on 2-3 times a month for just a few mins and never be seen again till next month. We do not demand crazy levels of activity, 1-3 hours per day is enough. I believe for someone who actually intends to actually play the game, that is not a lot to ask.

Otherwise, most of us have already moved onto other games. So, for the time that we DID play together in Moogles... Thanks guys, it was fun. We had a lot of fun times in the year+ that the guild was together, too bad NDoors chose to raep what was a great game into a shadow of it's former self. What's sad though is that even as the game is now, it is still a million times better than any Failtreev, OGP or Nexon game...

That in itself is truly freaking sad...

PS: To boomy specifically, if you want to come to Minerva, let me know. Quite happy to have you. Illuminati is dead (or at least in the process of dying). Not worth staying. Being run by short ppl that only log on on weekends and for the rest of the time the inmates run the damn asylum. All nations are largely in decline but at least there is some life in Warrior Nation still.

boomsticky 04-28-2010 11:09 PM

Apparently the town expires in 4-5 days. I'm gonna extend it till everyone figures out what to do. I'll also figure out enough funds to keep the guild alive under cryostasis rather than letting it disband, unless no one logs in the guild for 15 days.

Updated my last post as well.

It's possible to make Moogles a full-fledged Alt/mule guild to keep it somewhat alive.

Shirakani 04-28-2010 11:51 PM

There are still some members logging on so having nobody login for 15 days isn't going to happen. You can also hold a town for a while due to the ridiculous amt of GP stored. Look at the current dead guild leading Illuminati (LoB guild). On days there are ZERO members logged in, yet they've had a town for ages. No fear on losing the town, with that amt of GP you can hold a town for long tiem.

boomsticky 05-15-2010 09:19 PM

So the scenario going around atm is this:

- Johhnycake takes over Moogles as GL
- I take over as CO
- Discuss with WN nation leader to pick up Moogles as their 10th guild (they already have 1 slot open).

As CO, I'll help Cake with whatever help he may need as a GL, but at that point forward, Cake will run most of the show. Now obviously, this is sending the guild to yet another international nation.

So What's everyone's opinion on the theory? I have yet to fully think this through and any comments will help lol.

DarkRayne 05-16-2010 03:20 AM

If I recall, WN had harsh standards for guilds for activity to keep that "elite" nation status.
But given down activity overall, I can't confirm that at all since I'm obviously not a part of WN. (don't hold me accountable for false information)
If it works out, I don't care either way. Worst comes to worst I was going to find a way into a WN guild anyway.

Shirakani 05-16-2010 08:53 AM

Even with down activity WN still does require constant ND attendance, even if it's 1-2 ppl. If you guys can't field ppl for ND then yeah, won't work. That is about the ONLY requirement though. The whole 'elite' thing is long dead along with most of the game.

I've quit, finally bored of it. Moved onto messing round with an Aion pserv0r... sadly that's more fun than AO (not playing the game, messing with the software).

Javier 05-16-2010 09:27 AM

To be honest, I came back from my hiatus to find Moogles in shambles (90% strangers in the guild list)... Kyo told me I could go over to Minerva if I wanted and so I did, just to test out the pasture and stuff. I realized after a couple of days that I was no longer having fun in AO like I used to. The prospect of having to set up several jackpots, amassing 9001 boxes to skill and upgrade my ele and spartan just sounded extremely tedious and an utter chore.

All good things come to an end so I guess it was inevitable that Moogles' glorious age is over. But I know alot of us worked really hard to keep the guild afloat (especially Boomy and Kyo) and being in Moogles was pretty much one of my best guild experiences in all the MMOs I've played so far. At least we have this forum as a platform to still keep in touch ;)

But yeah.. I think I'm gonna take a long break from AO.

boomsticky 05-16-2010 10:08 AM


Just looking to salvage the guild in any way possible. And I got nothing else to play in terms of MMOs (must find something new :<). Right now Cake is in Hentai and the conversation was brought up when we noticed that WN had a slot open.

In other news. Somehow news spread around and guilds are poaching my members for recruitment XD (e.g. LoB, IronAge).

If this doesn't work out, I'll be posting a list of people who are eligible to earning retribution (moneys) from the guild.

Shirakani 05-16-2010 09:07 PM

All good things come to an end, especially if it's an f2p game. Not to say that p2p is any better, but p2p won't wreck the game as fast as an f2p one will... Seriously, how AO went from wonderfully fun game down to tedious, pointless, forced cashshopping... I don't know. But it sure hit that point REALLY damn fast.

ZelosZalis 05-18-2010 01:48 AM

it Arrived with the first nerf patch (the one that altered jp) that people made jokes about me when I said it was "the beginning of the end" and I got all pissed. guess I wasn't so incorrect was I?

Dook 05-18-2010 04:38 AM

I think quite a few people sensed that it was the beginning of the decline. There were a few events that distracted us from it though.

I need to quit but since I just thought up a new formation that I want to try out, it's hard to get the game out of my head lol.

I've decided to go cold turkey on it now though.

Conclusion: I've decided to quit. (long hiatus)

P.S. On the left it still says that I'm still 118 lol, but fyi I've hit 120. So I kinda felt that my goals have been reached and cbf carrying on.

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