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badna0 03-12-2010 08:26 AM

fLick's merc madness idea
Frontiersman/Davy Crockett

link on AO forumz:
1) Type of Mercenary (Existing classes only)
Class C/B Gun.
Ideally has high Physical Defense stat (resistant to physical spike) but Low Magic Defense (vulnerable to magic).

2) Name of each Mercenary Upgrade (Initial Name, Level. 20 Upgrade Name, Level. 50 Upgrade Name, Level. 80 Upgrade Name, and Hero Name)
Initial: Frontiersman
Level 20: Great Frontiersman
Level 50: Elite Frontiersman
Level 80: Davy Crockett
Level 100: Davy Crockett (Hero I)
Level 120: Davy Crockett (Hero II)
If C Merc: Upgrades with Dragon Crystals (unfortunately).
If B Merc: Upgrades with Dragon Soul Crystals (very unfortunately).

3) Backstory of the mercenary
The frontiersman is a resourceful wilderness explorer, hardened by frequent Indian raids of his trading post. Trusty with his hunting rifle, he is capable of mowing down enemy ranks, and paralyzing his opponents, all the while lightening the mood of his allies with his jovial tall tales.
Alternative (Hero Background):
Davy Crockett grew up on the hard American frontier, with a rifle in his hand since he could barely walk. Once a prizewinning hunter, Davy is now seeking vengeance on the Indians who raided his home, Fort Alamo, and massacred everyone inside. The sole survivor, Davy seeks revenge on those who killed his parents.

4) Description of mercenary’s appearance (please provide sample images)
Has a raccoon cap on. Frontier dress:
Images taken from and

5) Mercenary skill names and descriptions
Note: Only one Passive can be skilled.

(Passive) Concussion Shot: Davy’s bullets do increased damage on consecutive shots. Stacks up to 3 times total. Enemies tagged with Concussion Shot cannot be Holy Guarded. Concussion Shot dispels Holy Guard.
Targetting: On attack, in column.
Duration: 2 turns (the enemy’s next turn, then disappears the next turn unless renewed)
Cooldown: 1 turn (activates every attack)
Effect: On attack, every target in the column receives a tag. The skill deals additional damage for each successive turn it hits the opponent.
Note: Concussion Shot is dispelled by Purification.
Duration: 2 turns (the enemy’s next turn, then disappears the next turn)
Turn 1: Davy attacks middle column. All three mercs take normal damage and receive CS1 tag.
Turn 2: Davy attacks middle column. All three mercs take normal damage and additional CS2 damage, and receive the CS2 tag.
Turn 3: Davy attacks middle column. All three mercs take normal damage and additional CS3 damage, and receive the CS3 tag.
Turn 4: Davy attacks middle column. All three mercs take normal damage and additional CS3 damage, and receive a renewed CS3 tag.
Turn 5: Davy does not attack. On the following enemy turn, the CS 3 tags disappear.
Turn 6: Davy attacks middle column. All three mercs take normal damage and receive CS1 tag.
Etc. etc.

This can be easily implemented with spell combinations.
Combo 1: Concussion Shot1 + Concussion Shot = Concussion Shot 2
Combo 2: Concussion Shot2 + Concussion Shot = Concussion Shot 3
Combo 3: Concussion Shot3 + Concussion Shot = Concussion Shot 3
Combo 4: Holy Guard + Concussion Shot = Concussion Shot 2 (bonus damage)

Concussion Shot adds no damage.
Concussion Shot 2 adds moderate damage – approximately the strength of a gunner’s wild shot.
Concussion Shot 3 adds strong damage – approximately the strength of a gunner’s wild shot.

(Passive) Rousing Yarn: Davy Crockett tells a tall tale, lightening his comrades’ spirits and speeding their marching.
Targeting: + sign, centered on Davy Crockett.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 turns (activates every other turn)
Effect: Decreases combo counters on targets by 2, and increases AP slightly (~10-15 AP at max level)
Note: Rousing Yarn does not work if Davy Crockett is silenced, stunned, Holy Guarded, has received the Empress Holy Guard, or is disabled in any other way. It does, however, work if he has been frozen.
Max Level: 70

(Active) Paralyze: Davy fires a piercing musket round at his opponents, preventing his enemies from attacking. Enemies can still cast spells as normal. 150 AP cost.
Targeting: Sword (front row) – Initial and Level 20 upgrade; Spear (front row and person behind) – Level 50 upgrade+
Duration: 2 turns (the enemy’s next turn, then disappears the next turn); 3 turns (enemy’s next two turns/disappear on 3rd at level 100 upgrade)
Cooldown: 2 Turns
Effect: Affected opponents receive damage and are unable to attack for the turn immediately following. Affected opponents can still cast spells as normal. Additionally, decreases enemy’s vitality by moderate amount (think weak hex of darkness).
Max Level: 90 (70 + 20 with Charms) Stats at Level 70:
Note: Accuracy is roughly that of Silence, and improves with skill level/upgrades. 100% at max level.

Why you should include the Frontiersman in AO:
• First, he fits in naturally with the quest chain as it winds its way through the US to South America, and Davy Crockett fits in naturally with the mythology of Atlantica (several mercs are based on historical figures [da Vinci, Paganini, etc.])
• He is a very versatile mercernary, able to be successfully skilled in two ways: as a Damage/Disabler (Concussion + Paralyze), or as a Support/Disabler (Yarn + Paralyze). Note that someone can’t teach their Davy all three skills because of the 1 passive limit.
• Second, and more importantly, he will permanently change the metagame of PvP as either a column pressure/disabler OR a pseudo-second monk. Furthermore, he is a counter to DMF!
o Concussion shot should deal a LOT of damage. This will increase the need for minstrels in PvP to remove the buff. However, the user will have to properly manage Davy’s AP in order for him to use it on 3-4 turns in a row AND avoid AP drain. Note that it is fairly unlikely for a team to be hit with Concussion 3 more than twice in a row because of natural AP reduction.
o Paralyze: Disabling enemies’ attacks is a unique buff, not yet introduced in Atlantica. Clearly very useful to use on some mercs who lack spammable skills (Janissary, Spartan, Inventor)
o Rousing Yarn may sound imbalanced, until you realize that its targeting means that Davy needs to be in the second row. (ideally in the center). Then a well timed seal/silence would completely wreck your formation (leads to mass stun, etc.) Putting Davy in the back row will pressure another essential merc (monk/oracle/exo) into the middle row.
o Counter to DMF: First, Concussion counters HG by removing it, preventing recasting and punishing the user of HG by dealing additional damage and strong column pressure. If Davy is placed in middle row for Rousing Yarn, the middle row gains an automatic awaken but cannot be holy guarded (disable rousing yarn). Davy’s high physical defense will slow DMFers from spiking him and then proceed to continue using DMF. If Davy does not effectively counter DMF strongly enough, a natural buff would be to increase the damage of (concussion + holy guard) to Concussion 3.
o Effective Counter to himself: Concussion as a counter skill is difficult for a defender to remove, unless the defender has a punisher. A viable counter is for the defender to Paralyze the opponent’s Davy at critical moments (eg. Before concussion reaches max level). Note that this defender might not want to spec Concussion as wasting a turn for Paralyze would make their Concussion wear off.

Shirakani 03-13-2010 06:07 PM

Concussion shot is a freaking great idea, i like it. But Rousing Yarn seems way, way too OP. You can't make Awakening a passive, that's just too game breaking. Otherwise, great idea overall.

Chibiursa 03-14-2010 10:59 PM

I like the idea, hope there are more ideas to come and we can choose, and also hope that players can vote also which ideas will be the best.

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