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11-09-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Say Goodbye to Relic of Huike

Relic of Huike, the box containing the Jiangshi Outfit and Cap, will be discontinued from the Item Mall on November 8th.

This random box is the only box sold on the Item Mall containing this outfit, and it may be yours today for 10% off!
But the Jiangshi Outfit is not the only valuable item within this box, you may have a chance to obtain a number of other desirable items as well.

Relic of Huike may contain the following:

1 Jiangshi Outfit
1 Jiangshi Cap
1 Mount Box
1 Ancient Skill Book (Non-tradable)
10 Skill Decrease Books
10 Growth Vials[V]
10 Secret Vial of Potential [I]
8 Scrolls of Bewitching [V]
12 Scrolls of Judgement [V]
12 Freezing Scrolls [V]
50 Dragon Crystals
50 Giant Crystals
50 Redemption Crystals
50 Phoenix Crystals
30 Ambrosia
1 Relic of Huike
2 Relic of Huike
3 Relic of Huike
- Jiangshi Outfit - Vitality +50, No level Req.
- Jiangshi Cap - Vitality +50, No level Req.

Click here to purchase Relic of Huike for 90 Gcoins!

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